Today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White was an epic broadcast, as we brought in new APS superintendent, Errol Davis! He came in to address concerns surrounding the CRCT investigation and next steps for the frustrated school system.

Listen to our conversation below:



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  1. porsha says:

    You know I cannot believe what I heard this morning from some of the callers! First, James calls in responding and chimes in his opinion about white girls racist comments on video, then he goes on to share that he and his white wife argue when he listens to Dr. Whites show? Go figure. Then you have a black man that calls in and suggests that the white girl does have a valid point, and “they” meaning white folk are getting tired of black folk- simply unbelievable!

    When did it ever began to be okay with whites making racist comments about blacks then you have blacks COSIGNING their racist rants as if they are justified? Next you will be agreeing that all young black men with sagging pants and tatts deserve to be dragged behind some racist whites pick up truck.

    We as black folk need to be very careful about what we began to cosign on when it comes to racist whites with an agenda. Remember who controls the media all across the world. So this mega machine can depict black people how they want to even to the point where they manipulate our minds to believe that this young white girl has some validity about blacks….when you can easily go to youtube and see whites in thug like behaviour, booty poppin, talking slang and performing vulgar acts…. its all across the board. What have we come to as a race of people?

    1. stives says:

      Dr. Hall get paid 30% addition to how the students perform in school; that mean all of the APS. So we now know that perhaps that the money she get got was dividied among the Principles, Administrator and if a teacher is competing to perform well, they too get money as well. This whole thing is geared toward making all schools perform well so that monies can continue to be distributed to those in this mob-style operation. Over the years, this is what has happen. The source to this whole thing is at the Upper Management level, which is Dr Hall’s APS office.

    2. Kallan says:

      I told agree with you porsha. Dr. White need to stop letting people come on her show an say anything they want about black people.Anybody that agree with what that white girl said has issues. Also, Dr White has issues for letting them say that stuff on her show this morning. It time for black people like Dr White and her two callers to grow up.

  2. SHAKKA says:


  3. Help Her Lord says:

    Eliminate the callers Porsha referenced then we must also eliminate Porsha. You have stated some very ignorant comments in the past.

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