New Cameras Throughout Atlanta

ATLANTA (WAOK)- Smile…..pretty soon you may be monitored by camera almost everywhere in Atlanta.

The city council has approved plans for a video integration center that will analyze footage from thousands of public and privately owned security cameras throughout the city. Buckhead Coalition President Sam Massell says the new camera system will be very useful.

The center monitoring the cameras is expected to use software with the ability to identify “suspicious” behavior and can pinpoint where gunshots come from.

The ACLU says it is concerned that everyone will be tracked and monitored.

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  • Sarah

    Sam Massell is trying to keep the blacks and other so called undesirables out of his community, Buckhead…Law enforcement will find themselves out of work when you start using these cameras to track crime instead of the police officer parked in the car down the block…Why pay ten humans when you can have a camera to do the work for all ten? I see this as a case of invasion of privacy whereby everytime I walk out my door, i’m being tracked because of my skin color or ethnicity…

  • Adrian Tomczak

    Thank You. It is useful for my 4 months old website. :)

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