Atlanta School Superintendent Tells Educators “Resign or Be Fired”

ATLANTA (WAOK)-Atlanta School Superintendent Erroll Davis is standing by his earlier threat to make sure educators who were named in the CRCT cheating report no longer teach children in Atlanta Public Schools. Davis sent a letter to the 178 educators last week telling them they could either “resign or face termination” from their jobs with APS.

According to reports, Davis told those who received the letter they could think about their plans over the weekend and decide to resign between Monday and Wednesday of this week or face termination proceedings that would begin on Thursday.

Several teachers have already said they are not going to leave their jobs quietly. Some have already hired attorneys to fight claims that they helped change test scores on the CRCT.

The firing process could take several months. Oncce an educator has been recommended for termination to the school board, the individual has the right to appeal. According to state law any employee who does face termination is entitled to a hearing. The employee can also appeal the decision to fire to terminate them to the state.

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  • Sarah

    If you did nothing wrong there’s no need to leave, everyone is entitled to due process…If the personnel named in these allegations decide to fight to clear their names if they did nothing wrong, they have that right…Errol Davis is being a typical bureaucrat who’s job is to trim the fat and get things back to normal for the children and the powers that be…I would not let him intimidate me into resigning from my job…

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