Senior White House Advisor Speaks Out!

valerie jarrett Senior White House Advisor Speaks Out!



Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett Speaks Out about the President standing his ground about congress not raising the debt ceiling.  She is also the Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls.  She had some very interesting remarks about whether the President will try to circumvent congress.  Take a Listen! 

  • Therese

    The Democratic Party was in control of the Congress, Senate and WH for the first two years of the Obama Administration, they choose to squander that goodwill by bending over and kissing up to people who were looking for their destruction…This Administration then gave a tax break to the wealthy, and the same corporations and people responsible for the current economic crisis right in the middle of a depression/recession…They created one more invasion (Libya) while ramping up their bombings of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen while expanding the war in Iraq while on the home front, we were experiencing massive layoffs and foreclosures, hitting the taxpayers responsible for paying off this war debt…This was total incompetence on this administrations part and once again they are expecting the poor and elderly to foot the bill while the rich keep getting richer….

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