‘Gay Is The New Black’… Or So It Was Said!

On the most recent episode of VH1’s hit show, Single Ladies, Queen Latifah raised some eyebrows by playing a gay character and claiming that “Gay is the new Black!”

Of course, our POWERTALK listeners had a lot to say about their disagreement. Listen to them sound off below:




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  • just speakin my mind

    Wow, Steven was in rare form today, especially with his pointing out the real sexual orientation between men. He was correct in a lot of ways. I have known gay men to go to Amsterdam and solicit all kinds of explicit sex acts most being unprotected. I like Queen Latifa, but I do not think she should compare gay rights to black civil rights. Wanda Sykes made a simillar comment some months ago and was ripped apart by it. On the other side of the coin, you have got to admit that the gay community will fight for their own, poor, middle class, or super rich with no division, they get things done, something that I wish the black community as a whole would do.

  • Undercover Broad

    Queen you have reduced yourself to irrelevancy in the Black community.

    For you to equate blacks being the new gay is sending a message indicating blacks are future at the bottom of the cesspool.

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