ATLANTA (WAOK/CBSDFW.COM)-As the Atlanta CRCT cheating scandal continues to unfold, the results are reaching far and wide. Kathy Augustine, one time Atlanta Public Schools Deputy Superintendent has been hired as Superintendent of the Desoto Independent School District. Augustine’s first day on the job was today, Monday July 11. It could also be her last day on  the job. The Desoto School Board is expected to hold a meeting tonight to discuss terminating Augustine’s contract based on her connection to the cheating scandal in Atlanta. The staff at our sister station in Dallas is covering every minute of this connection to the biggest education scandal in Atlanta.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I would file a lawsuit if I was Dr Augustine, if DeSoto School District terminate her contract…Before this woman made this cross-country move possible selling her home and getting into possible purchasing another home at great expense…This school board was notified of the “cloud” affecting her leaving Atlanta, some of the board members said they googled APS scandal to get more information on what was going before offering her the position…This was done in poor taste and anyway you look at this situation, this woman will be bought out of her contract and DeSoto School District will have to pay her relocation expenses back to where ever she wants to move to next…

    1. Sisley says:

      If she were white she would have been given every benefit of the doubt. This would be a moot point because she has not been charged with anything.

  2. wgailb says:

    I was under the impression that one is innocent until proven guilty. Not so in this case. Now they want to destroy this woman’s ability to earn a living in another state. Unbelievable! What about the other Georgia school districts….have they been investigated for cheating? This is just a way to discredit individuals in the public eye so that the state can assume control over the federal monies alotted to the Atlanta Public School system. When this story broke I did not believe it and I still don’t believe it. I think that the news on tv is manufactured and that is why I seldom watch it. Ever since President Obama was elected I’ve noticed an out and out assault on Blacks and Hispanics…his main supporters. The shame is they don’t realize ( these unjust accusers ) that you do reap what you sow. I am a witness to that.!

  3. A Lurker Only says:

    I hope she keeps her position or at least they buy her out of her contract.

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