London Bound

Well you guys, after being in London for a few days I can definitely tell you that it is a happening city! But man, did I not pack correctly. It is FREEZING here. I don’t think London realizes that I am in summer mode. I bought all these cute dresses and tops that are perfect for the warm southern heat of Georgia. Since I have been here, it has been raining off and on and is very chilly. Luckily, I brought one pair of boots, but you know what a lack of proper clothing means? SHOPPING! And London is definitely the right place to come and shop.

The flat I am staying in is quaint but tiny. I guess living in London is very similar to living in New York. Living space is prime real estate. I am in a perfect location in central London on a very busy and bustling street. Actually, I live right on top of a pub which is quite convenient if you ask me.:)

The showers are also weird here. I was in the middle of soaping up my hair when the shower completely stopped working! Literally. Stopped. Working. In my flat, we have a power generated shower rod that you use to control the pressure, temperature, and turning it on in general. I guess the power decided to stop working. It was terrible. Luckily my friends are staying in a flat next door, so I jumped out and quickly grabbed a towel. Then, I proceeded to run next door. My friend was quite shocked to see me standing there wet and covered in soap, but I did not have another choice. Fortunately, their shower worked just fine.

Tomorrow I am off to shop my shoes off….


Georgia Girl


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