On today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, the SISTERS IN LAW, Janice & Daveda Mathis, were in the building to breakdown the accusations and issues within the APS investigation. Listen to their commentary with a few callers below:





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  1. Gayle Morales says:

    Extremely refreshing to hear intelligent responsible African American citizens like Lee (woman) and Mitchell during your 7AM hour today. Each person had solutions. Neither were crying about the racist white man holding them back or causing their children to fail. I get tired of the same slave talk by many of your regular callers. We all know white people of racist. Next point.

    Lee and Mitchell do not have defeatist attitudes.They truly respect black people because they do not insult them by saying they are “victims” of whites in regards to choices they make in life. In the end if your child is a failure in school it is because the black fathers and mothers are not daily involved in their child’s lives. A parent should be the first to see if their child is having a problem progressing and succeeded in school.

    This is why we need to stop hand holding black males and females who create children they are not able to love, support or protect their children. We all have to deal with racism so we need to stop giving handouts to uneducated sorry poor black folks who breed with no conscience that they are creating children that will be neglected.

    Stop welfare, food stamps, WIC, Section 8 stop it all so everyone who makes illegitimate children will know that they will need to support along with the other person who created that child that no one will help support their CREATION.

    1. Sarah says:

      I hope you never loose a job and might have to temporarily uses some of these subsidy programs paid for out of taxpayers money that we all pay into this system…We always have self hating negros like you, if you’re black who are always talking out the side of their necks…I’m not condoning out of wedlock pregnancies and people sitting on their behinds and not trying to do something for themselves, but I will not throw out the baby with the bath water…We need to reform the entire welfare system, so that abusers can be removed from this system…I see all these Eastern white Europeans immigrants coming to this country who and put on the welfare program and no one is complaining about them being on the system, Blacks and Latino together make up 30% of the total US population, we need to ask how is it that whites who are 60-65% are permitted to drain the system, but we are ready to loud talk black people and make them the poster person for these programs…You need to learn compassion, because you never know when you might be put into a position to have to depend on these programs and you will want them to still be available…

      1. porsha says:

        Amen Sarah, this poster is very self hating. She has attaked me on several posts saying classist things like this. She posts under various names, so many its hard to name them all. In one of her posts, under ” Are black women better off with white men” she attacks me for saying that i would fire all teachers with a classist attitude…… read her post and see how she responded.

        Sarah, I am a proud responsible black single mother, my daughter has made me very very proud, and of course I do not wish being a single mother on anyone because it is very hard work, but i made up in my mind that i would be a good mother no matter what, and it has payed off for me in so many ways.

        Sarah, i was blessed to come from a very large close knit family, and a lot of people dont have that , this is why i never try to judge and have strong compassion for women and men raising children all alone. This woman, man, or whoever she is for this week, has no compassion for people, and you took the words out of mouth…… GOD forbid her /him having a bad turn in luck having to rely on the system, thats why you should never judge.

  2. Curtis Askew says:

    Rev. Jacques-White I saw nothing wrong with you expressing your opinion of Monica Pearson’s interview with Dr. Hall on vacation in Hawaii. Hopefully, Monica was on vacation too. It was not really an interview more like a “slow motion friendly ambush”. I do not blame Dr. Hall remaining quiet because her lawyer was not present.

    Some of your callers fail to realize that we can respect a person or like them and have a criticism about their actions. For me, I see Monica Pearson as doing her job. Monica is a classy lady just like you Rev. White.

  3. stives says:

    The CRCT Cheating Report is disturbing and from what I have read; a lot of Africian-Americans Techers and others are caught-up! Mrs. Hall and her deputy carry a shoulder load of grave responsibilities. You would think between two of them, the marching orders and all that applies was on track and moving well. What distracted them? The teachers and principles who are involved; what made them go that direction rather than doing what was right all together. I read where Mrs. Hall stood to financially gain based on the district met targets. Over the years she got tens of thousands based on the reported CRCT results. And did others have financially gains as well? How can Mrs. Hall manage the schools system if she did not actively and daily get out from her office and see at first hand what the schools leadership was doing to correctly ensure the children was being taught and lead in the right courses and what action she took if they were not. I assume she left this up the school themselves. Another disturbing part of the report is telling Mrs. Hall no, if that was the case then, why not tell her the truth. It appear that Mrs. Hall was a bully and people (her staff and the principals) feared her! The report said that Mrs. Hall and her top staff created a culture of fear, intimidation and retaliations which was enforced by the school’s principals and the teachers by some of the SRT executive directors. This sound more like the mob boss ordering executions of those who did not go along with whatever the mob boss wanted done. What is more ashame is having all of those schools involved in the cheating that have flooded our news and TV waves with no stoppages. Mrs. Hall is in Hawaii on her leasure; and I assume she is thinking about this whole thing with some thinking how she should have handle this situation. Finally, how many fingers prints are on the tests that some of the answers was being erased and and the correct answer was being applied just what is the real amount of teachers and other involved with this situation. Another “Watergate” where the outcome is known from the beginning and there is no efforts to halt such a action before it started. What is the bottom line; Mrs. Hall, Dr. Augutine and Ms. Few all received complaints about cheating in 2006. You will never assume that if they did or didn’t, and where did all of that money go even up until now; but it appear that no payments will be made since the cheating is now news! If that is the case, then whoever got that money up until now must also be blamed for the past cheating that was reported and it appear that nothing was done which it continue up until now. With that, you have to beleive that Mrs. Hall and her staff knew something but fail to act on it because of the money involved and either they did not want to bring this cheating to light; and also hope that no one else would either. It is a sad day in the city we called Atlanta; and it is tarnished because families move here based on the school’s rating and the much sort-after schools thinking that the education in these school system are the best. We fail when we see problems and don’t address them; we fail when we have people in positions that cause much of the problems and once they are known; they want to fire or get peopolle out of their jobs for bringing forth the truth! Out of the 180 people involved in the cheating mess; it will add to Georgia high unemployment rate over what it is now. Since 2006, the teachers have not been doing their jobs and the principles either; up until it is time for the CRCT then it look like everything start at full swing trying to get students ready to take this test. What have all of the teachers and principles been doing in these schools prior to the testing. You can only come to one conclusion….preparing to cheat for the upcoming test for all of those children again!

  4. Gayle Morales says:

    I hope you would stop projecting Sarah. These programs are no better than corporate welfare. We need programs that will push people to care for the children they create. Sarah you love to accuse people of being “self-hating Negros”.

    My African-American and West Indian parents instilled in me the importance of self-love and discipline. I have compassion but just like you we all choose where our compassion will be bestowed. I do not believe in continuously supporting people who create children out of wedlock, drug addicts, criminals or lazy people no matter what their phenotype maybe. There are college students in Atlanta who are working hard to make ends meet. I choose to help those young people (in several ways) so they can complete their education. The less worries these college students have the more time they have to concentrate on their studies.
    Have a blessed day Sarah.

  5. Learn to love yourself Porsha says:

    Stop acting ignorant Porsha.

  6. Concerned Black Parent says:

    I sure hope this woman Gayle is not an Atlanta Public School teacher!

  7. Gayle Morales says:

    Porsha I did not suggest black educators “look down” on black children.

    All people of color deal with racism. Racism will probably always exist. I am not a victim Porsha. I will not disrespect the millions of Africans who were brought over the Atlantic against their will in chains. They were tortured, raped, cheated, used and killed for us to have a better life. Therefore, there is no excuse for failure. What does not kill you makes you stronger is something I see you do not understand. I graduated from Cornell University. I earned my graduate degree from M.I.T. I dealt with racism quite frequently. I did not allow some of my racist professors to deter me from my goals. The racist experiences at both schools made me a stronger person.

    My life is full and rich because I have not allowed those negative experiences to engulf me in bitterness or hatred. I have also learned to work effectively within our judicial system to hold racists accountable.

    Perhaps you are obsessed with those other racist talk radio hosts. These types do not warrant my time. My skin tone is the color of Derrick Boazman’s skin tone.
    I help college students who attend Morehouse, Emory, Georgia State and Spelman and Morris Brown. They all come all shades and hues.

    I feel sorry for you Porsha.

    1. porsha says:

      Gayle, or Eric Bostic and all the other names you post under……

      1. I never said that you said to look down on students, what you did say is that i was stupid for telling Derrick Bozeman that i would fire all classist teachers and faculty that looked down on the students that they are there to help mentally develope, you said i was stupid for suggesting such a thing, go back and read your post, under “black women white men”. Its there what you said.

      2. gayle do not feel sorry for me, I have a very successful company, good investments, and a lot of common sense that will carry me far. My ” illegitamate” daughter is doing vey well, as i prepare her to eventually run my company.

      3. You are a very classist individual that could learn to humble yourself. You have repeatedly called my daughter and myself out our names. All blacks have had it hard, especially me, but I have not lost touch with people that are less fortunate than me, as to where i began to look down on them.

      4. Like I said before, and i will say it again, i too help out in more ways you could imagine and i wont list them all, but this is what i will repeat- I WILL GLADLY GIVE MY TAX DOLLARS TO SUPPORT POOR CHILDREN. If it helps provide a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and visits to the doctors when they need it so be it- this is what i am about! Everyone has seen what you are about as evident in your post above. Read it again, then pity yourself- not me……

      1. Stop being so defensive Porsha, stop projecting says:

        If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.
        Malcolm X

  8. porsha says:

    Gayle, and or Eric Bostic, whomever you are for today, I dont mind being criticized if that is what it is, i believe in growth, but you have gone way beyond criticizing, remember your “toilet” comments? Yet you want to try to clean up your act as if you did not say those things about me in your post.

    I shared my past in an effort to inspire some people…… who are you to judge me for having an honest job that brought home honest pay for me to support my family and dreams. The moral that someone may get from my story is to never give up, no matter how unpopular your profession may be- there is honor in all work. If you save and have a plan you can fullfill your God given destiny.

    You go back to your post, and read the classist and elitist things you said about me just for expressing myself. You have been an all around negative poster on this board from Lorraines show to Derricks show- period!

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