sharpton headshot 2 Keepin It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton 7/5

Do you want to know what the listeners had to get off their chest today, if so just click below:

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call us sharpton 3 Keepin It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton 7/5

Comments (2)
  1. SHAKKA says:

    sitting here listening to the show and wondering have i lost my mind or has Professor Ogletree lost his everloving Harvard mind…

    this must be one of the those “scholar” conversations where all the dynamics of law carry weight …

    because for Black people on these streets…

    those who have witnessed first hand how much “reasonable doubt” don’t mean diddly squat…

    Ogletree aint saying shyt. matter fact he’s talking double talk, which is a language common with special negros, but i’ll reserve further comment and give him a chance to redeem himself from this foolish conversation he’s having today…

    give me a break, negros being shuttled through these court system like cattle on their way to slaughter…

    and this is the BEST Olgletree has to offer????

    the broad didn’t report her baby missing for thirty days, and when she did she came up with a babysitter that no one could ever find…

    a Black woman would be on her way to death row…RAT NOW!

    what and why are negros so scared to speak their minds…

    1. Sarah says:

      Charles Ogletree has sold out the black community since his prized pupils has been occupying the WH…I have stopped listening to Sharpton and Ballentine because these people have loss the last bit of credibility they had left, like Tom Joyner and Tavis Smiley, with all their personal attacks against each other, playing upon on each others egos, while overlooking black peoples plight…I don’t give a damn what Casey Anthony did to her her child, a white life is no more valuable than a black life, so I did not watch the trial and could care less because I knew she would get white justice and they did not disappoint..All these people are busy covering the a** of this African American President and are more concerned about getting their invite to the WH than what is happening to black and poor people…

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