Governor Deal Releases Results of School Cheating Investigation-Read The Entire Report Here

ATLANTA (WAOK)- Words like “devastating” and “troubling” are being used to describe the results of an investigation into cheating on standardized tests in Georgia. The results of the investigation were released today by Governor Nathan Deal.  You can read the entire 800 page report below.

Among the disturbing findings:

Cheating occurred in the majority of Atlanta Public Schools

Cheating may have occurred over a 10 year period

Former Atlanta Superintendent Beverly Hall knew-or should have known about the cheating

As many as 178 educators including more than 3 dozen principals were involved in the CRCT cheating scandal

Governor Deal said the results of the report should be taken seriously and there may be more consequences for those involved.

The CRCT cheating investigation was initiated after the AJC asked questions about huge gains in tests scores on the 2009 CRCT.

Some city officials and parents are calling for Dr. Beverly Hall to be prosecuted if she knew about the cheating scandal and to pay back cash incentives she was awarded for improving test scores during her tenure as Atlanta School Superintendent. Hall retired from the job on June 30 the day the CRCT report was delivered to Governor Deal.

Here is more info on the CRCT Report

Here is the entire report:  Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4

Mayor Kasim Reed also released the following statement on the CRCT cheating report:

“Today is a dark day for the Atlanta Public School  system. The State of Georgia’s  investigation into allegations of widespread cheating on the CRCT test confirms our worst fears.  There is no doubt that systemic cheating    occurred on a widespread basis in the school system.

Further, there is no question that a complete failure of  leadership in the AtlantaPublic School system hurt thousands of children who were promoted to the next grade without meeting basic academic standards.

I am grateful to former Governor SonnyPerdue and Governor Nathan Deal for their leadership on this issue and for bringing the grave problems facing the AtlantaPublic School system to light. The investigators followed the facts, regardless of where they led. I would also like to commend Atlanta’s press corps, especially The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, for its service to the public by providing  comprehensive, investigative reporting on the test score discrepancies.

I am confident that Interim Superintendent ErrolDavis, former Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, and Board of Education Chairwoman Brenda Muhammad and Vice-Chairman Reuben McDaniel will take decisive action and lead the system in a manner that resolves the problems uncovered in the investigation and work to ensure that this never happens again.

The Atlanta Public School system can and will recover from this painful chapter in its history.  The system has the support of teachers and educators who are principled and committed to  serving the city’s students. The system has the support of thousands of parents who are deeply invested in what happens in the classroom and the academic achievement of their children.  And Superintendent Davis, Chairwoman Muhammad  and Vice-Chairman McDaniel have my full support and that of the entire City of Atlanta as they begin to move the school district forward.”

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  • Clearhead

    Hey, Geprgoa teachers !! You got it all wrong: It’s supposed to be us stupid little brats that cheat. Not you stupid BIG brats.

    • Larry Davis

      Superintendent Beverly Hall needs to be indicted and sent to prison. This shows you how far our teachers have fallen. Where’s the phony teachers unions. My wife was an outstanding teacher but these people are criminals.

    • Grace Park - Emory college student


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      • Ernaldo T

        Black people read? I’m sure…………

      • Gnarly

        Read? Are you kidding they cannot read! That ain’t gonna happen

    • concernedparent

      The Georgia Supreme Court has also ruled that Charter schools are unconstitutional in Georgia. Very sad indeed.

  • Alfred Hussein Neuman

    Leave Hall alone before someone plays the race card. There were those of us who raised issues in the past about her miracle turn-around of these schools, only to be brushed aside as racists. Atlanta has once of the worst school systems in the nation (still) because of the leaders, teachers and parents.

    • Irv

      And Alfred, don’t forget the “entitlement” attitude.

    • Roberto

      And it just ain’t the schools, either.

    • Mark Matis

      Hey, Hotlanta can’t BEGIN to compare to the corruption and incompetence of the DC schools. But I’m sure they’re willing to give it the ol’ college try. For da homeys, ya know!

  • jnsesq

    And Atlanta’s become a dark city. Look around: Detroit, Newark, Chicago, Philadelphia… Behold the future, “Hotlanta.” Residents, take note.

    Howzat LBJ Great Society workin’ for y’all after almost 50 years? Guess it must be Bush’s fault.

    • NHLady

      LBJ caused major damage to our country. He enacted Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Welfare and the Immigration Act of 1965 (with the help of Ted “swimmer” Kennedy.). He created the Welfarian – apparently it’s a new ethnic group that can trace its roots to 1965 Wahsginton DC

    • Sormzeye

      You can probably add Honolulu to your list. This is how we ended up with that knucklehead in the Oval Office!

      • george

        That knucklehead went to Punahou, which is one of the snobbiest, stuffiest, best performing private schools in the country. It’s very expensive and very hard to get into.

    • Malcom

      You are right, people better wake up and realize this society that liberals are trying to force everyone to exist in, just isn’t working.

  • clam fist

    Atlanta school systems produce some of the stupidest. Adults. No surpise they had to cheat.

    • dam

      You must have graduated at the top of your class in the APS.

  • jnsesq

    And a PS: “178 educators”??? HA! Not from the “English” I’ve heard on the streets…

  • Governor Deal Releases Results of School Cheating Investigation « CBS Atlanta | Come To Jesus 2011

    […] LINK […]

  • JB Stoner

    Too late about the race card. Take a look at those in authority in the Atlanta Public Schools and City government – majority are black! Beverly Hall and her subordinates should be arrested for theft – stealing from the tax payers. Be glad you don’t live in Atlanta – what a joke

    • W

      How about stealing the kids future. That has to be even more heinous than ripping off the taxpayers.

      • Flippy

        Future? As stupid as they will become, or already are thanks to the Atlanta school administrators, they have a birght future in the Democratic party, or as Atlanta teachers themselves.

    • Vince

      It was BECAUSE of their race that they got away with it for so long.

      • girlnextdoor

        I think is it much more about progressive liberals and the teachers unions that have a stranglehold on public education. This can happen anywhere. My husband and I thank our lucky stars that we are able to do without a lot of “extras” and somehow make the monthly payment for priivate (Catholic) school. I would hate to have to send my only child to public school, especially here in crazy California.

  • bob alou

    What do you expect from the second part of “Those who can do and those who can’t teach.” If you give the unionized teachers an incentive to make more for higher scores on a test then they will find a way to do so. The teachers get an A in creativity and an F in citizenship. First take them all to court to recover their salaries for the time period they were involved, then fire them and take away their teaching credentials and let every other state know about them too so they can’t go somewhere else and infect the new system.

    • John Principe

      I totally agree with recovering their salaries. No one in any position of power is going to do this though.

      • Desi Erasmus

        Sounds cool, and how about extending that to the banksters at the TBTF banks who got a multi-hundred billion bailout at taxpayer expense, and went merrily handing out bonuses for their performance which brought the US financial system to its knees and whacked our economy hard?

        Both prosecutions should be pressed hard, but which set of gangsters do you suppose did the most damage, and which ones will be pursued hardest?

    • Vince

      Amen. Absolutely right. That’s why it will never happen.

  • Jimbo

    You can add Atlanta public schools. clayton county schools, dekalb coutny schools together. Guess what they all have in common?

    • SunShine

      A. Demacrats
      B. Liberals
      C. Colored Folks
      D. All the above

      • BitterClingerMan

        Ding, ding, ding, ding … we have a winner – SunShine!

    • Mark

      They have the lowest scores in the State. That there is never money for kids or programs but Dekalb County can alter building plans so every member gets their own office with new funiture instead of having to share an office. Forget about how much it cost, just build it. We are in a horrible Catch22 here in GA. Good teachers are threatened by their piers and students. Good students are also threated by teachers and piers for achieving too much. I’ve tutored in Dekalb schools and it’s heartbreaking when in sixth grade, 8 girls had dreams of getting pregnant in High School so they can have a baby that will love them. At 6th grade level they have a better understanding of how the welfare system works and use it to their advantage than basic english or math. But that’s all they know of the world, that’s their highest dream and that is truely sad. Good teachers are ususally assigned the problem students who are constantly suspended for fighting and then they get the blame went their class scores are the lowest in the school. Then they are force to do what ever it takes to keep their job or get fired which means; GOOD LUCk finding ANY job teaching ANY where.

      • Sandy

        If you ar a teacher then you should know the difference between a peer, a person or thing of same value, quality, rank, ability,etc.and a pier, a structure built over water and supported by pillars or piles. Just helping you out!

      • Colum

        Sandy, you wrote: “…If you ar a teacher…”

        Here, I’m loaning you one of my extra “e’s”. You might want to go talk to the instructor who was supposed to teach you about proofreading before you lay your grammatical wonderment on other people.

        Be sure to insert a space between “etc.and a pier” while you’re at it. Thanks for explaining what a pier was. I’m sure millions of people have been wondering.

        As you say, just helping you out!

      • Huey

        You misspelled the word “truly” also. Don’t worry you will be given the white male privilege free pass. Currently Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Casey Anthony are using it. Just wait a few days Mark.

      • Archy Cary

        You forgot the comma after “days.”

      • Colum

        Casey Anthony is a white male? That’s one ugly dude.

      • H. M. Fanon

        Mark, forgive me. I am a spelling freak and I wrote that reply before I read your whole comment. Bless you for trying to help and I again I beg forgiveness. This is one problem with these website — we sound off before we think!!

      • H. M. Fanon

        Point demonstrated!! I left off the S in websites!!

      • H. M. Fanon

        I hope the students you are tutoring will learn how to spell peers somewhere else.

  • WayneBear

    “Hall retired from the job on June 30 the day the CRCT report was delivered to Governor Deal.”

    How convenient for this terrible person… can her retirement be revolked? Can her pension be put in a fund to help all the thousands of children she mentally molested? To not have basic reading skills is a sin and a crime. May she be judged harshly for the extreme harm she has caused!

  • Larry Killen

    Every teacher that particpated, every administrator that was involved should be fired, without pay or benefits (including retirement) and should be in jail right now, awaiting trial.

    • Mike Selman

      I wanted to say this myself. but the damage they have caused countless hundreds of children requires much more punishment than what you suggest. Fortunately the God of our country is more forgiving that the thousands of parents who thought they were being responsible but now it is way too late.

  • Tommy T

    Impressive! Another example of a government institution failing the public and themselves. 178 educators? Heads need to roll based on that number alone. Want to do something positive for your kids future? Enroll them into a private school.

  • Governor Deal Releases Results of School Cheating Investigation « CBS Atlanta | Did I Take A Stupid Pill?

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  • TJG

    They did it…for the children.

  • PacRim Jim

    I no longer recognize this country.
    When I went through the educational system–what seems like a century ago–teachers strove to educate students. They were proud of their profession.
    Now it’s just a scam, a sinecure.
    America will pay a price for this criminal behavior, and I’m afraid that it will be the loss of America’s future.

  • NYGino

    Anybody remember the controversy about the “Bell Curve” or has the guts to bring it up? You’re going to be branded a racist anyway so you might as well face facts.

    • NHLady

      I remember the controversy and I happen to agree with the Bell Curve. It continues to prove true over and over again.

    • bertrand

      It is becoming apparent that being branded a ‘racist’ doesn’t mean squat anymore. I am of the opinion that it is about freakin’ time. Us ‘cracker’s are branded as being inherently racist until proven otherwise, so what’s the point of walking on egg shells and bowing to politically correct BS anyway?

      • Paul

        Oh Davis you poor deluded soul, you still actually believe that most educators and politicians want these kids to succeed don’t you? That’s so adorably quaint. Fact of the matter is the Democrat’s political machinery relies on the existence of a permanent, growing, functionally illiterate underclass to keep turning out on election day in order to maintain their power and the teachers’ unions in every major Democratically controlled urban center are more than willing to keep churning out the dependent class in exchange for obscenely generous wages and benefits. If you keep bragging about your success with these kids someone as the Department of Edjumacation might get wind an you could get an unpleasant call from your union and/or school system administrators.

      • Davis

        I am a white male professional who entered into the teaching profession and now work in a minority school. My kids just scored 93% proficient or advanced on the state Algebra I exam (96% of my kids at this school passed the test, half of them scored advanced). They were majority black. The problem is that many of these kids have never been told they could make it, have never been expected to make it. When shown they could be something, they rise to the challenge and score big. We did not cheat. We did not have to. You can check the cameras, the answer sheets, what ever you like. Minorities can knock the ball out of the park if only they can believe in themselves (and we believe in them). I defy anyone to challenge the scores of MY kids.

        Oh, and here are the practice tests lest anyone here claim OUR tests are easy. They are not.

      • bflat879

        I have always believed what you say and the absolute shame, in this particular case, is the people who should have believed in these children failed them. I would love to see more people like you, put in charge of teachers of minority students because they need to be held to a higher standard. The responsibility of teaching minority children is great and the rewards of success even greater. The problem is these people took pride in false success and deserve the disdain they are about to receive.

        Thank you for believing in these children and thank you for the extra effort you put in to achieve the results you did.

      • Barb

        Wish we had more teachers like you.

      • Bartf

        Davis, I believe your comments to be true. I have felt, and said, for some time now that the greatest enemies of the minorities are their own “spokemen” and “activists” such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. THEY are the ones who are basically telling the African-Americans that they are incapable of achieving without affirmative action, entitlements, etc. What a betrayal of their own people. They are really saying “You are not smart enough to achieve academically without both the entrance and academic achievement standards being lowered. You cannot achieve in a career path without your company being forced to promote you above those who are better qualified, etc. etc.” They insult every African-American by telling them that ….”Yes, you ARE inferior! But thanks to ME, you will be given status and success as a GIFT!”.

      • Sisley

        Davis I wonder how people posting on this site would be able to successfully pass the exam? (+:

  • David Bsulee

    Too bad that all of the teachers will be protected by their Union and Nobody will take the fall for this

    • diane

      I’ll bet most of these teachers are liberals, therefore its OK to cheat because liberals are above the law.

    • Lancelot

      I fear you are right. People in the public school system, police, or any other govt establishment rarely are ever pay for their crimes, and the top govt lawmakers exempt themselves from most of the laws they pass for all of us…

    • mark

      That’s right! The Teacher’s Union will protect them and has already given their endorsement to President Obama even before the Republicans have a candidate. Georgia has the second lowest test scores in the nation and if you exclude the District of Columbia, the largest concentration of Federal Workers in the nation. Look at the Atlanta Metro Area which includes the City of Atlanta, Dekalb and Clayton County. The latter lost its accreditation, and the two former ones are just a hair’s breadth from losing theirs. NO WHERE else in the country is this happening! I’ll tell you the four words they all fear! Voucher System! And Charter School! It has been proven that when Charter Schools are allowed to open in the worst testing areas; after a year there, students outperform their peers in public schools. Most by two to three grade levels. An though this helps the children, the Teachers Union does everything in its power to block or dismantle them.

      • warren jones

        I’m pretty sure Mark is black.

  • Curmudgeon10

    Do you now understand why the NEA, and the Obama regime want to rewrite No Child Left Behind? Because that law depends heavily on standardized testing, and no amount of programs, class room size reductions, or miracles are going to lift a lot of these kids into the competent level. So the only alternative is cheating.

    The educational establishment KNOWS all this. That is why they so fiercely resist teacher evals based on student progress.

    • Daveoutthere

      The only alternative is cheating? Are you serious? You are going to blame the standards here for the ‘educators’ decision to cheat?

      You are typical of the problem. You are willing to blame the system for the irresponsible choices made by those in the system. The system does not dictate the choice to cheat. The corrupt and lazy individuals CHOSE to cheat.

      You have just characterized the ‘progressive’ mindset in nutshell. It is never the individual’s bad choice that is the problem….it’s always the ‘system’.

      But try and cheat or mitigate your taxes….and the progressives will be all over you for that CHOICE.

    • ChasB

      You said it! It’s not about money, we’ve spent plenty. It’s all about teachers unions.. How much more do we need to see?

    • j

      Execpt for the states that do make it like Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Etc.

      • Hazel Burke

        Maine …don’t forget Maine…they get fewer and fewer though.

  • Kevin

    How do I reech theese keeds! Eric Cartmenez

    • LA Doc

      Awesome dude! I was waiting for someone to post this.

  • kulak

    I know who can turn Atlanta’s frown upside-down.

    Michael Vick!

  • TJG

    This problem will be solved by dumbing down the test enough so that even a community organizer could pass it.

    • Daveoutthere

      We have dumbed down the presidency to that level….why not a middle school test?

      • bob

        there is no closing the achievement gap

  • Hazel Burke

    Why does this always seem to happen with only the colored children? They always seem to be the only ones who need things such as community centers.

    • the the sad truth

      We let them. Take a walk downtown white lady and pray you make it back to your home. That is what letting thugs rule our gov gets you. Buy a gun and ammo and protect yourself.

      • the sad truth

        All the wanna do the right thing white people that live in the communities that surround this urban hell send their kids to private school. When their home gets broke into or they get robbed raped or worse they cant understand it.

    • Daveoutthere

      The truth? You can’t handle the truth on this one……the reason is because 75% of their fathers are deadbeat dads who don’t raise them.

      That’s why. It is politcally incorrect to blame the troubles of black folks on anything but racism….I know. But, anyone who wants to solve the problem need not look past the simple fact just stated.

  • ChasB

    Ah,those good public servants! Don’t you love the teachers union? Tell me again why they feel they should get special treatment….Great example of why public sector unions should be disbanded. They cry because they need more money while the students can’t read….The writing is on the wall folks, it’s easy to read..Time to get the unions out and take back our schools.

  • tightwad

    Where is Lester Maddox when you need him?

  • FormerTeach

    You can bet Hall and her cronies who also “retired” before this hit the fan are going to get their FULL benefits and pensions. They’re laughing all the way to the bank.

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