ATLANTA (WAOK)-Jamal Parris, one of the plaintiffs in the sexual misconduct case against Bishop Eddie Long was arrested this week in Miami Beach, Florida. According to police reports, Parris was stopped by a state trooper driving a 2011 White BMW 328i with no tag when he was pulled over Tuesday evening.  The officer says when he approached the car he smelled marijuana. Upon searching the vehicle police say they found 181 grams of suspected marijuana, 50 plastic baggies, a Taurus semiautomatic handgun, and $1,250 in cash.

Parris faces charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana and having a firearm during a felony. Parris’ next court hearing is scheduled for July 28.

Parris reportedly told the trooper he was enrolled in school at Miami-Dade County.

Parris and three other plaintiffs recently settled their sexual coercion case against Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church out of court for an undisclosed amount of money that has nbeen reported to be from $15 to $25 million dollars.

In other New Birth Baptist Church news: A former security guard at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church says he was not involved in a plot to break into Bishop Eddie Long’s office back in 2009. Anthony Boyd entered a not guilty plea to a burglary charge earlier this week. Boyd says two other former church members, Anthony Flagg and Maurice Robinson broke in to get evidence against Long for a sexual misconduct lawsuit they were planning to file. Boyd faces a 20-year prison sentence if he is convicted.

Comments (8)
  1. Ken says:

    Your Church money at work. Be proud of you contribution.

  2. Sarah says:

    Easy come easy goes, this clown knew he was not supposed to be driving a brand new car with no tags and a loaded weapon with weeds, real smart move dude, now you will spend some of that lawsuit money trying to stay free…

  3. Stefan M. says:

    Perhaps Jamal’s Lover Long will come comfort him at night.

  4. Vanessa Robison says:


    1. Ray says:

      I totally agree with you. These four men will have to watch their every move. I don’t trust Eddie Long. He wants REVENGE and is capable of doing some trecherous stuff. They outed him plain and simple, and he ain’t happy.

  5. Shakka says:

    I sa’uh admet I take part in Beshop Long’s fruits too. Slurp Slurp Yum Yum!

  6. Skip says:

    Eddie Long is a big old QUEEN! But I’m sure most people knew that already. He loved for the men to surround him during his “for men only” services. while he donned his muscle shirts, I feel so violated. Now I finally realize that he wanted all us guys down front so he could check us out and get a better look. I’m so ashamed, I was usually right down front so he could get a GOOD LOOK at me. I wore a muscle shirt too because I thought that was expected of us to display our manliness. Fool me once shame on you, fool me again, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!

  7. DP says:

    So Pastor Long contacted Florida state troopers and told them that Jamal was driving in South Florida with weeds, cash, and a gun?? Yeah, right. I am not nor have I ever been a a supporter of Eddie Long, but this causes me to wonder if he possibly been set up, by at least this Jamal.? Whatever..

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