malia obama233 284x213 Did President Obama have the Ultimate Dad Moment?Did President Barack Obama have the ultimate dad moment by forgetting his daughter Malia birthday?  Was he just doing what most parents do by rounding up?   Or is the President simply stating that congress needs to think ahead and prepare like his daughters have?  Listen to this clip and decide.  

  1. Sarah says:

    With everything that’s going on around him, it’s a wonder he remembers to eat…My parents sometimes forgot my birth anniversary when I was growing up and they were the ones who were present during conception and delivery..We all have senior moments…He has given these children plenty with a roof over their heads, expensive private schooling and trips around the globe, if he forgets to get Malia a cake on July 4th for her birthday anniversary, that should be this child’s least concern…We need to stop spoiling our children by turning them into selfish people..

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