Only one word can embody the heaviness of today’s Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques WhiteDEVASTATING!

We had “Amanda”, the mother of a 28yr old man who is being terrorized in jail by inmates… AND OFFICERS! The information that this mother revealed to us was jaw-dropping, heartbreaking and infuriating all at the same time! Are there ANY clean, upstanding cops, or correctional officers anymore?! Listen to Amanda’s story and YOU decide:





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  1. TedAndPatti says:

    It all goes back to black males. If the majority of black men understood the imperative nature of having a college education, financial security and remaining honorable by marrying before bringing children into this racist world most of this would not happen. You have uneducated single poor women trying to combat the corruption of black and white law enforcement. These teenagers in jail never had a fighting chance. BORN INTO POVERTY AND OUT OF WEDLOCK. So sure you can blame the criminal law enforcement for their unethical and corrupt nature but the ULTIMATE BLAME goes to BLACK MEN AND WOMEN who make children they are not mentally, financially & morally able to PROTECT in this racist and corrupt U.S.A.

    Where are all those fathers of those boys in the Fulton County prison? Where are they when their children needed to be protected from the system? If they had good fathers perhaps they would not be in jail.

  2. porsha says:

    Ted and Patti, lets be clear on one thing, POVERTY AND BEING BORN OUT OF WEDLOCK, and being raised by a single mother has nothing to do with whether a child lands himself or herself into prison. I hate it when people try to classify children born out of wedlock = criminal VS children born with both parents= good core values and a life of good fortune. Let me share something with you and why your theory has all kinds of holes in it. Some of the GREATEST BLACK PEOPLE IN HISTORY WERE BORN TO SINGLE MOTHERS, and dont make me provide the list, so what is the secret to their success? I am a proud single mother that chose to have my daughter without being married. It was my choice and nobodys business. I have raised a beautiful young lady that has excelled in life and will be the sole heir to her mothers company meaning my company! I know plenty of single mothers that have children with good core values that are goig to set the world on fire but on the other hand, lets talk about the children with both parents in the home for a minute that have good financial stability. From what I hear from teachers your children are lazy and spoiled and do just as bad in school. And I work in Buckhead with families that are extremely wealthy yet they have some of the most lazy, corrupt, spoiled brats that do drugs, have sex, drink alcohol, and have deep rooted mental issues. The ONLY REASON WHY THEY ARE NOT IN JAIL IS BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS CAN AFFORD GOOD LAWYERS AND SHRINKS!!!!! Yes black children need black parents that are involved and engaged in their lives, but please for every corrupted product of a single parent household, I can find you two corrupted by a two parent household, and let us not even talk about CHILDREN OF DIVORCE!

    1. Tameka L. says:

      Where is your baby’s daddy Porsha? Why did he abandon his child? Did you pop out the kid for kicks? You are a buffoon. You are full of it. They listen to WAOK in Buckhead too. Hint Hint!

    2. Kill Em All says:

      THis is the problem with females in the black community today!!! As long as your stuff is squared away then the hell with the rest your community and everyone in it!! SMDH

  3. The Black Falcon says:

    I knew a guy in New Orleans, Jimmy “Peg Legs” Williams, who was an incredible tap dancer. The amazing thing about Jimmy was, well…he had a peg leg. Now even though Jimmy was an incredible tap dancer, all things being equal, people tap dance better with two legs than one.
    Why do I bring up Jimmy? I was reading the two posts; one claiming fatherless homes help to create the environment at the Fulton Co. Jail and the other saying single-parent homes are just as good as two parent home, even more so. If my only experience with tap dancing was limited to Jimmy, I could easily say people with one leg can tap dance as good as people with two. However, that is the problem with using anecdotal evidence; it limits your “vision”.
    Being a researcher by nature, I wanted to find out what numbers were as it relates to prisoners and single-parent families.

    Race and Ethnicity

    **A report, from the Pew Center on the States, found that only 1 in 355 white women between the ages of 35-39 are incarcerated, but that 1 in 100 black women is behind bars
    **African Americans are nearly 5 times as likely to be incarcerated in jails as whites and almost 3 times as likely as Latinos
    **Based on Justice Department statistics for 2006, 1 in 15 black adults and 1 in 36 Hispanic adults is behind bars
    **One in 9 black men between the ages of 20-34 is in prison
    **78% of the nation’s jail and prison inmates grew up in a fatherless household, even though only 15% of today’s adult population grew up without a father.

    Since 78% of the nation’s jail and prison inmates grew up in a fatherless home, this tells me that fatherless homes is a strong contributing factor in the likelihood of incarceration. Does this mean that ALL children who grew up without fathers will go to jail, of course not. I am also not saying that children who grow up in two parent homes won’t go to jail. What I am saying is based on the actual data and not anecdotal evidence, strong efforts should be made to encourage marriage in the Black community, strengthen existing families, and encourage Black males to take a more active role in the lives of their children (if they do not already do so).

    Now to the Fulton County jail. There is a systemic problem with law enforcement in this city; both at the city and county level. Further, the problems are not isolated to a few rogue officers. Unless there is a top to bottom investigation of ALL officers, regardless of rank, problems will persist. However, what I suspect will happen as it relate to the jail is a few low level employees and perhaps a sergeant will take the wrap for everything. Things at the jail will quiet down for a few months; however, since the administration that created the climate for all this illegal activity to take place is still in power, it will be business as usual at the jail in about a year (give or take).

    Let’s me use the Atlanta Police Department as an illustration of what I am talking about. We all remember the tragic incident involving Catherine Johnson. A few low level officers were sent to prison but the high-level administration remained in place. Because of this, we continue to read about case after case of abuse by Atlanta Police Officers. Until there is systematic change, nothing will change.

    1. Jen says:

      Porsha is stupid.

  4. Niki says:

    Fire them all, the staff and support personnel @Fulton County Jail and start over. When a foundation is cracked, you will have to dig it up and re-pour it, this is what needs to happen @ Fulton County and APD. We have this culture of corruption and everyone wanting something for free, we pay these people a salary that my taxes are used for, and we have this kind of abuse.

  5. porsha says:

    To Jen and Tameka, the name calling is really a true reflection of the two of you. I am a proud single mother and successful entreprenuer. My daughter has excelled beyond my wildest dreams. I am friends with several other single mothers, and their children both male and female are fine, doing very well in school, college, and hold down summer jobs.

    I do more than talk about baby mamas and their fatherless kids born out of wedlock – I mentor and give back, so what it is that you both do other than act immature and call me out of my name for expressing myself.

    Blacks are in no position to point fingers at each other, and I dont like it when people try to somehow blame the ills of the black community on single mothers and out of wedlock children because I know several people that did things the ” so called right way” and they ended up divorced, and their children were traumatized by it and acted out doing crazy things, i.e. drugs, sex, teen pregnancy, etc….. so no one can throw stones. There are married couples that are in destructive relationships and have kids that are stuck in the middle as well and these kids act out too.

    So my point is ,which I think both of you missed by a mile, is that no one can predict how their children will turn out, I as a single parent made up my mind that when my child was born that I would be the best parent that I could be to my child with or without her father, and that is what I did. My daughter calls me her hero and that in itself says a lot about me. The children in my commnunity look up to me because I am involved. I was taught as a yougster and it still holds true, POINT YOUR FINGER AT ME AND THERE ARE 3 POINTING BACK AT YOU!

    1. Terrance says:

      Porsha you protest a little too much methinks.

      You told on yourself with all your previous posts and rantings when you call in.

      Too late dear heart, we all know you are a hypocrite, a fraud and a liar.

      Your incessant belligerent tirades are indicative of an emotionally unstable female who does not like herself. You do not have to prove anything to me or anyone else. You accuse others of doing the very thing you have done. Not a very wise action Porsha.

      You are a joke just like Stephen. You two should get together.
      A little advice for Porsha, “A halber emez iz a gantzer lign”.


  6. porsha says:

    Black Falcon, I appreciate your statistics- very insightful! I know that this is true and I do agree with most of what you said. But the posters I responded to made comments that I found offensive.

    Yes it is a tragedy for any child to be born into poverty, with parents that dont know how to be good parents, but there are incredible success stories out there about single mothers, and their children!

    The posters suggested the if you are married the likelyhood of your children going to jail is slim to none, and somehow your child is protected from corrupt police officers, when my take on that is simple, NO BLACK CHILD IS SAFE FROM A CORRUPT POLICE SYSTEM! Look at how many of our youth have been taken away from us by trigger happy police officers. There have been several killed that came from two parent households.Until we as black folk stop talking about it and start being about it, it will continue to be a chat room kind of stage in the black community. They can call me stupid, but I physically and financially help young black men that are of no kin to me, some come from single mothers, but most from two parent households that dont have their finances together. My philosophy is each one reach one then teach one. I dont have time to place blame or point fingers!

    1. Terrance says:

      Instead of wasting time trying to justify your idiotic reasons Porsha why you have illegitimate children and talking about Hollywood personalities’ lack of morality take some time to teach other black teens and women that creating illegitimate children with a man who does not love you enough to marry you is a fool’s game. Enjoy cleaning those toilets in Buckhead for the time being…that is until your game is exposed.

      1. Curtis says:

        Ignore that fool Porsha. Grandma says she ain’t right in the head. She is bat shyte crazy.

    2. The Black Falcon says:


      When I was in high school my debate teacher told me when your opponent begins to make personal attacks against you, you have already won. Personal attacks means you opponent cannot counter the points you are making so they attack the person making them.

      If you read any of my posts, I do not attack anybody personally. I make my comments based on logic and statistical facts. I do not make it personal. Granted, we can have different opinions and I respect that, but we can’t have different facts.

      I say that to say as long as you believe in what you are saying, then fine, and please keep your head up and keep fighting for what you believe in.There will always be those who criticize. Remember, they killed Jesus and he was PERFECT so you can imagine what people will do to a mortal like you.

      1. Linda Govan-Mitchell says:

        Help Porsha find her all her babies’ daddies. Jail? Dead? Dealing? Have those daddies help care for those kids.

        By the way Black Falcon you have express the same concerns as others on these boards about that tramp Porsha. Porsha cannot discuss the subject matter without going off tangent. She will spend the next year talking out of her ass about being a scorned yella gal by some no good black man.

        You pity her just like the rest of us. Most of the responses I read about Porsha were people expressing the truth about her wayward and completely subjective responses.

        Porsha will continue to make excuses for the FACTS and embrace her emotions like a damn fool.

  7. Porsha says:

    Terrance, and all the other names you post under, you do not scare me honey. I must have struck a nerve because you sure seem to follow me. And I dont clean any toilets, sorry to dissapoint you. And when have I posted about any hollywood people- you seem like a pervert and a white pervert at that

    1. TaTa says:

      Porsha you further prove what you so desperately don’t want to be true about yourself. It would have been better you keep your mouth close shut we all see you are nothing but a fool.

      You take the award as the most ignorant WAOK caller of the year. Congratulations Porsha!

      The truth got to you Porsha. Now get back to being the angry black woman.

      None of really care. Lowlifes like you Porsha are a dime a dozen.

      We sit back and laugh at your stupid ghetto ass.


  8. Therese says:

    What are you men doing about your children? What positive examples are you setting for them? Getting on a blog and posting under anonymous names while your children are being taken care of by the state is very hypocritical. Let’s clean up our communities, mentor these children about wearing inappropriate clothing and marking up their bodies, having recreational sex and producing children they’re not prepared to take care of, and speaking proper English and not Ebonics, it will go a long way towards building up any self-esteem issues they might have.

    1. TaTa says:

      Your pet project can start with Porsha.

  9. porsha says:

    ta Ta, or Terrance, or angry black man- get off this blog. One thing that is clear you are the one that is ghetto. You are going from page to page posting your foolishness. This is whats wrong with our community- YOU!! You cant engage in intelligent conversation and you certainly dont know me. Let me ask you something, Terrance and all the alias names you are posting under posting in again replying to your own self like you have an audience in agreement with you- dont you think that says a lot about you and your mental state? And my second question is why would you think that I would call in and give my real name fool or even post with my real name, LOL and im the stupid one? Look i enjoy engaging conversation, I like the show, and I chime in on issues that are important to me, some people like what I have to say others wont, but does it really take all that – that you are doing to get your point across???

    And PS. Ive cleaned a many dirty toilets in my day, but none have been nastier than your mouth and attitude. Maybe you should go clean some to humble yourself.

    1. A Lurker Only says:

      Porsha just cannot stop making an idiot of herself. Porsha you need to get help.

      1. George says:

        You got that right. That idiot fool Porsha is beyond stupid.

  10. porsha says:

    Black Falcon, THANKYOU for your post! I always thoroughly enjoy all your posts. It would be nice as another poster said that if Dr. White could add you to her show, because obviously by seeing all the hate expressed over my comments, some of us could really use some in house therapy LOL

    Again thanyou for your words of encouragement, I will remember them and share them with my daughter and others!

    1. Stop Having Illegitimate Kids Porsha says:

      Half of US fathers under 45 have child out of wedlock
      Associated Press

      Jun 17, 2011
      WASHINGTON // Nearly half of American dads under 45 this Father’s Day say they have at least one child who was born out of wedlock, while the percentage of fathers living apart from their children is has more than doubles in the past 50 years.

      In encouraging news, though, among married fathers, children are said to be getting more attention from both parents at home than ever before.

      A Pew Research Center report highlights the changing roles of parents as US marriage rates and traditional family households fall to historic lows.

      For example, college-educated men who tend to marry and get better jobs are more involved with their children than lesser-skilled men struggling to get by.

      “When a father can’t provide monetarily for his offspring, he often becomes estranged,” said Beth Latshaw, an assistant sociology professor at Appalachian State University, who researches changing paternal roles. “As a result, many women now raise children outside of marriage or without a father figure,” Mr Latshaw said.

      Pew’s survey and analysis of government data, released on Wednesday, found that more than one in four fathers – or 27 per cent – with offspring 18 or younger lived away from at least one of their children. That number is more than double the share of fathers who lived apart from their children in 1960.

      On the other hand, married fathers who live with their children are devoting more time helping their wives with caregiving, a task once seen as a woman’s duty. Such fathers on average now spend about 6.5 hours a week on child care, which includes playing, helping children with homework or taking them to activities. That’s up from 2.6 hours in the 1960s.

      The 6.5 hours is still just half the amount of time mothers spend. Still, it is a gap that is narrowing; in the 1960s, fathers put in only a quarter of the time mothers did.

      The Pew study found sharp differences based on race and education. Black and Hispanic fathers were much more likely to have children out of wedlock, at 72 per cent and 59 per cent, respectively, against 37 per cent for white men. Among fathers with at least a bachelor’s degree, only 13 per cent had children outside marriage,against 51 per cent of those with high school diplomas and 65 per cent of those who did not finish high school.

      Age, too, was a factor. Three quarters of fathers aged 20 to 24 had children out of wedlock, against 36 per cent aged 35 to 44.

  11. Fred says:

    Porsha you are a certifiable whack job. Your own words betray you.
    You are too ignorant to even understand just how you exposed your stupid butt.

    1. Tameka L. says:

      I’m with Fred on this one. I would never give a woman who has out of wedlock children the time of day. It shows she does not respect or love herself. And proof she is not much better than a prostitute. There is no excuse to have almost 70% of black children B O R N OUT OF W E D L O C K! The males are just as low as these females too.

      If they were really Christians they would not be having sex outside of marriage.

    2. porsha says:

      Are you the same Fred that Derrick Boazman made look like a fool today? Like I said, be careful who you call a fool Fred, as everyone heard today on his show, you are not all up on things as you pretend to be. Hint: Read material before you call in trying to prove facts that you are totally unaware of. He made you look like a complete fool, and yet you have the audacity to judge me and call me stupid>>>. Man this is so funnyLOL

      1. Deborah says:

        You make yourself look like a fool Porsha. Sighing.

  12. Porsha says:

    To Teresa,Tameka, Ted, Linda, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH….. prime examples of so called intelligent negroes that have to resort to below the belt tactics to get their points across. Like I said before, go do something for the good of the black community other than call me out my name. It really shows your immaturity levels, really it does.

    1. Saba says:

      Porsha you failed last week. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  13. porsha says:

    Well, well, well Ms Linda Govan Mitchell, you just do not quit. “Tramp” and “yella gal” OMG you have me laughing so hard I am crying. For real ???? Arent you the one who tries to come off so educated, yet cant carry on a decent engaging conversation that would prove just how intelluctual you really are. And why all the negative comments about Dr. Lorraines show, YET here you are posting and still listening to her show, and talking about her weave, come on how silly are you? You are the prime example of the ignorant uppity negro that seems to have a color complex as well, especially calling me a “yella” gal. This is so hilarious- all because I stated that I am a proud single mother. And dont concern yourself with my childs father, who I sleep with is my business. My child is hanging tough with the best of them in college, so what you have to say is noted, but really irrevalent. My child has been a blessing from God and that is what all children are……gifts not illegitamate curses. You and others that want to talk about the ills of the black community are the very ones that are apart of the problem, talk with no action behind it. Get off this board and go to some board where you will really fit in like NEAL BOORTZ or RUSH LIMBAUGH!

    1. No Excuse Negros Please says:

      You have an inferiority complex Porsha. Keep lying to yourself about having children outside of marriage. Thats one of the major problems with the black community-YOU LAID DOWN AND HAD THE ILLEGITIMATE CHILD NOT GOD.

  14. porsha says:

    Stick to the point at hand. Some of you men and women posting repeatedly put down other blacks, insult Dr. White on a regular,and yak on and on about how ignorant the callers are YET YOU STILL COME ON HER BOARDS AND LISTEN TO HER SHOW, aand I am playing myself? Please, you all have proven time after time that as educated or itelligent you try to sound, deep down you as as ignorant as doe- doe birds.

    And stop sending me these links, the only one that I will even bother reading is one sent by Black Falcon, Shakka, Sisley, and Sarah, – some true intellectuals that are about real business- not sitting on their sorry behinds complaining and pointing fingers all day long.

  15. LaFaye says:

    Gosh, leave this woman alone. All this name calling is uncalled for. She has a right to express herself whether you agree with her or not. I can’t believe that you call yourselves Christians. The show is about talk radio not bash and ridicule radio.

    Porsha, I have been a listener for quite some time. I listen everday and I must say that I did not agree with you about the imigration thing, but I do remember you calling in one morning giving your personal testimony about a boss that tried to keep you down, and your story was so inspiring to me. It was real, and anyone could apply it to themselves. You also had Lorraine and her guest cracking up, but you had no shame in sharing good information with the listeners. Keep your head to the sky and continue to let your haters be your motivaters. Peace and Goodwill to you.

    1. Deborah says:


      Too late. Go find your baby’s daddy maid girl. lol

      1. porsha says:

        Deborah= saba, linda govan, fred, tameka, ta ta, buckhead grand, edwin, T.Cochran, joe, and now gayle morales!!!

  16. Porsha says:

    Lafaye, thankyou my sister…….this is what i am taliking about. You said that you did not agree with my comments on illegal imigration, and I as an adult respect your opinion. How do I look insulting you and calling you foul names and putting you down. To be honest with you after I hung up and listened to Dr. Simon state her case, I had a slight change of heart. She challenged my thought process and I could not deny that after really putting much thought on the facts she had presented, I could not argue her point of view. We can challenge each other without being cruel and classist with each other.These types of shows are supposed to be about information and growth and empowerment, and I learn something different everyday! Peace and goodwill to you too my sister!

    1. Deborah says:

      Porsha you are a hypocrite. You are also a liar. You are a monkey Negro. Easily swayed. Go clean some toilets. lol

      1. porsha says:

        Deborah, do you see how you look. And in case you did not get the memo, I do not clean toilets anymore! The classist negro, yet really the slave masters lap dog called Deborah. Go post where you belong, Neal Boortz and Rush Limbaugh. And for all you know you could be married to my babys daddy, LOL….

        This is so comical. But in an odd way flattering…… keep up the good work Deb!

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