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Tyell Morton: Got To Be About Race… Right?!

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Tyell Morton
Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White
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There is a terrible injustice going on in the world, right under our noses! An 18-yr old Indiana boy, Tyell Morton, is facing 8 years of prison for… wait for it… BRINGING A BLOW-UP DOLL TO SCHOOL AS A SENIOR PRANK!!!

Excuse the expression, but W-T-H?!

So today, on Powertalk w/Lorraine Jacques White, we had family advocate, Stang Brumfield, to call in and tell us the real deal of Tyell’s story. Listen in below:

PART 1 –

PART 2 –

PART 3 –

PART 4 –

PART 5 –

PART 6 –

For more information on Tyell Morton and his case, log on to

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