Fulton County Jail Guard Struck By Inmate

ATLANTA (WAOK)-There is now another report of violence at the Fulton County Jail. The latest incident involves a female detention officer who was assaulted on Tuesday morning by an inmate. Jail officials say the detention officer was struck in the face by an inmate and the officer was knocked to the ground. The inmate was put in lockdown. The female detention officer has not been identified.

Earlier this month an inmate on the maximum security floor of the jail allegedly shot another inmate in the hand with a small deringer pistol. Fulton County Commissioner Rob Pitts is calling for a full scale investigation into the violence at the jail.

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  • Sarah

    These people are off the chain @ Fulton County Jail and as old folks would say, a new broom sweeps clean…Time to start some serious house cleaning in Fulton Cnty Jails as to why their’s this sudden escalation of violence we’re reading about lately…If some of these violent inmates need to be transfer to other more secure sites, then that’s what needs to be done…Sounds like some of the inmates have taken over the asylum…

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