jon stewart 829385581 Does Jon Stewart have Amnesia? Jon Stewart made some discerning comments on his daily show about Herman Cain.  It was just last year when CNN fired news anchor Rick Sanchez on a day after he called Jon Stewart a bigot on a radio show interview where he also questioned whether Jews should be considered a minority.  Now Jon Stewart is slinging the same mud at Herman Cain.  Was Jon Stewart act offensive?  Listen and decide .. 

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  1. Don Crosswhite says:

    Why does lthe main stream media hoopla have a problem with Jon Stewart, is it because he tell the truth in a humorus way that is entertaining, and informative at the same time? The news media only cares how sensationaly they can make any news that will sell to the public for cash, and as for the basic principles and integrity of the reason for news media, has long been lost on the flight to beat the opponet in ratings and money gained! What a great philosophy the news media has, never tell the truth or facts if it does not make money!!

  2. Millie Bates says:

    Herman Cain is my candidate for President. I admire his ethics, his humble attitude toward the “common american people” I think he is a kind decent, hard working individual who truly knows what a mess Washington is in right now and he knows how to motivate all of us into trying to “fix” the economy.

  3. elnatural says:

    It seems very easy for the american people to be sucked in by the (fake) charm that these politicians are using.Remember that the republicans won the house back on the basis that government is to big and should not tell us what to do in our house or with our business, yet the minute “WE THE PEOPLE” vote them in, the first thing that is done, is the intrusive abortion law that forces women to go thorugh a series of programs to try and talk them out of having the abortion, and jailing the doctor for performing the abortion. That sounds like GOVERNMENT INVASION to me. But because the american people are so hell bent on believing that president Obama is the cause of all mess we are in, we believed,and voted the republican in house. It took 8 years for this disaster to happen, did you think that it was supposed to have been fix in two years.

  4. Robert Leo Moore says:

    I think people know very little about Herman Cain. He is supposed to have run Godfather’s Pizza, yet, I have not seen a Godfather’s Pizza in Atlanta in years. I did find on some blogs concerning pizza that most posters ranked it very low for quality, value, and taste. He comes across as extremely right wing in many of his political views, yet, many of white people on the far right are quite racist at least in my observation (my son’s in-laws participate in Tea Party rallies). I agree with elnatural about the Republicans. They behave more like stealth candidates who claim one thing but behave very differently once in office. It extends beyond abortion. Some want to reduce access to contraception, particularly birth control pills. Some want to take away the right for workers to organise or reduce their ability to negotiate wage and benefit contracts. Soon they will start trying to restrict access to information in schools they do not want children to know such as sex education, evolution, separation of church and state. They actually think they are not doing evil.

  5. Keith says:

    First of Jon Stewart has a comedy program on The Comedy Central network. Cain is not being mocked for being a black conservative he is being mocked for being crazy. Herman Cain is a clown and trying to use race to avoid people pointing out his shortcomings. .. A

  6. Debra says:

    In response to all the previous comments: I agree Jon Stewarts’ comments were racist. I don’t look at him much but judging the late hour of TV airing, I’m sure he makes inappropriate remarks towards all kinds of people. He’s a comedian and TV ratings are important. Our political problems started way before President Obama took office. Does anyone actually believe he would’ve gotten elected if the economy wasn’t headed for such a downfall? As an Independent realist, I fully respect the President in what he is attempting to do, while trying to appease many Congressional obstructionists and racist on one-hand. Nonchalant sycophants on the other. 400+ years of the psychotic condition known as racism perpetuated from many of our Caucasian brethren will need a lot of time to correct and heal. I also believe Herman Cain is unqualified for the position. Is he even a politician? How many people has he organized or helped? As an Atlanta native, Godfather Pizza is virtually non-existent. However, it is refreshing to hear Mr. Cain actually refer to himself as black. Welcome home!

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