Do You Think Reggie Brown Went too Far?

Is there a fine line between Comedy and politics?  Does it show a lack of respect when we poke fun at members of congress? Introducing Comedian and Impersonator  Reggie Brown.  According to his Bio Reggie Brown is sure to drive home a hysterical performance with his ability to capture the voice, movements, and persona of President Obama, Reggie not only captivates your audience, but engages them in his interactive multimedia show that draws laughs from both sides of the aisle. Do you agree?    It’s believed he went too far with his routine and was yanked off of the stage.  Here is a clip of his performance in New Orleans.  

  • Sarah

    I have no respect for any black man who will show up to what in essence is the Klan rally and make black face jokes, without the black face to entertain them…What self respecting black man would walk into a lynch mob and entertain them before they string his butt up? This is in essence what he did at the RLC meeting in New Orleans, because they invited him to make jokes about POTUS who happens to be a bi-racial person like Reggie Brown…I keep seeing this loss of dignity within the black community trying to fit in with the mainstream who don’t like them, but they will continue while disgracing the rest of us black folks in order to be “paid”….

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