On today’s POWERTALK w/ Lorraine Jacques White, Janice Mathis, of the SISTERS IN LAW, called in to chat with our audience about a variety of legal issues. Our list of discussions included the case of the young lady who died at the W, credit checks for employment and the young man who was kicked off a plane for his sagging pants. Listen in on a few of the calls below:





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  1. The Black Falcon says:

    Dr. White,

    I am neither a Republican nor Democrat. I am neither left nor right. Just as I shy away from talk shows that are too far to the right, I also shy away from shows that are too far to the left. I must say that a person, who considerers themselves an independent, has to give WAOK a rest after a while. The views on this station is so leftist its a shame.

    I have listened to your program for a few month and when it comes to issues pertaining to Black folks, most people will respond along these lines:

    1) Black folk still suffer from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. It doesn’t matter what the crime was, Black folk will use slavery to somehow justify whatever the crime was. This is the reason given by the majority of your callers for whatever crime a Black person commits.

    2) White folks do it. This is the biggest surprise to me. Black folk on your show call white people devils and everything else, yet the people who call in to your show will always use White people actions as a guage for Black folk morality. It is as though whatever the crime, as long as Black folk can say “White people do it to” then it is some how okay. So let me get this straight, Black folk condemn White folk for all the evils in the world yet we use these same white folk as a justification for our anti-social behavior. Amazing!!

    3) You are a self-hating Black negro for even talking about it. Whenever someone on your show challenges the abnormal behavior of Black folks on your show (let’s take Fred for example) people are quick to call him a self-hating Black negro, etc. Its amazing how sound logical thinking is debunked as self-hating. Yet we wonder why Black folk remain in the situation they are in. Absolutely Amazing…

    Black folk explain away all abnormal behavior displayed by children. You are quick to say that Black teens are racially profiled or whatever. Then, when these same teens stomp to death another teen, as in the case of Bobby Tilman, Black folk are perplexed, looking for answers. Big crimes start off as small ones. When Black folk make excuses for small crimes (i.e.racial profiling, the police overreacted, white folk do it, etc.) then bigger crimes occur. Don’t believe me, just look at the paper. Who is committing the majority of the crime in the metro area? (Car jacking, home invasions, burglaries, aggravated assaults, etc.) Young Black males between 16-30. You may not like it, but that is a fact. Now, you can form whatever opinion you want about the crime in Atlanta. That’s fine. We can all have different opinions, but we can’t have different FACTS.

    1. Linda Govan-Mitchell says:

      If WAOK were truly interested in being progressive critical thinking black oriented station that actually got results (with the exception of Derrick Boazman-he gets results) they would remove Lorraine Jacques White from the 6am to 10am slot.

      Mo Ivory would be an excellent replacement. Lawyer Ivory has a career so I doubt she would be interested. She is an enlightened and extremely intelligent woman who does not have a limited scope. I would love to see Ashley Bell have a Sunday news oriented type show for a couple of hours.

      I am personally interested in all types of views from black people. My father is a Republican and my mother is a Democrat. I am liberal, conservative or independent depending on the topic. I have never voted a straight ticket either way. I am glad all black people are not monolithic in thinking. I would love for Atlanta to have a truly diverse news and public affairs talk radio station.

      I listen to NPR, BBC, sometimes CNN & FOX and international news broadcasts.
      I agree with you Black Falcon on many points.

      Lorraine Jacques White show will always be limited due to her limited mindset in current events. For example, it is not unusual for her callers to educate or inform her about current basic news topics. She is also not always objective. Need I mention that corrupt preacher Eddie Long? Lorraine Jacques White is antiquated in many aspects and should be retired to pasture along with that weave of hers.

      She is good for a laugh but anything dealing with substantive content of the news of the moment she always hits a BRICK WALL.

  2. Sarah says:

    Dr Lorraine, I must say that this situation with this young man and being pulled from his flight, might have some slight racial aspect to it, but he brought it on himself…Why will you be traveling in lounge/pajama bottoms on a public flight? Like I have repeatedly said we have lost our moral compass and are looking for excuses for simply bad behavior…This man was told more than once to pull up his pant, he should have put down his bags, pulled up his pant and get on his flight…Since he is a scholarship athlete, he should have been more concerned with making this flight and keeping his scholarship, instead of exhibiting thug behavior…I have seem young girls in pajamas and fuzzy bedroom slippers in grocery stores, Wal-mart, Targets, etc doing their shopping, when did we lower our standards to such a low point in our dress code?

    1. The Black Falcon says:


      Lowered standards among some elements in the Black community are not limited to just a dress code. The standards have been lowered across the board. Why do you think doing well in school is now considered “acting white?” Moreover, if someone even mentions the lowered standards in the Black community, he/she is quickly labeled a self-hating negro. Just listen to some of the callers and you will find out what I mean.

  3. Hello! Fantastic post! Please when I could see a follow up!

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