Recently, a report came out that stated there are 11K + jobs that have become available since GA dealt with “immigration issue”, but the dilemma now is… who’s gonna fill the jobs?!

Powertalk listeners have been sounding off about this issue since the story broke, especially when Governor Nathan Deal suggested that men and women on criminal probation fill these positions. What’s baffling is this… some people actually feel that this is a racial issue and that BLACKS on criminal should not work these jobs because it would remind them too much about slavery! W-T-H?!

So, we brought in Dr. Alicia Simon, and Commissioner Ashley Bell, and let the people sound off about the issue. Take a listen and see what they all had to say:







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  1. Del says:

    Business owners want to keep their profits and in order to do this they have to keep a work force that can be exploited. You can exploit a slave, non American illegal, and prisoners.
    Why not instead of 11k jobs have 8K jobs with a decent wage, benefits, etc…
    The person calling in saying that it voluntary. If no one will hire you…what is voluntary about that. Please. The guy calling in is just as ignorant as the Governor.
    Guess what….as soon as people get use to seeing blacks in those positions again and comfortable with the old way…your job might not be there….Laws and conditions can quickly change in America! Quickly!

    Demand that the jobs pay a decent wage and benefits, then that citizens …not black nor the poor….just citizens have the choice to work those jobs. I don’t want any job designated for blacks. It is by choice (really…design) at first….then becomes forced. Either go to jail or work the fields…you deadbeat dad!

    America is really repeating their history. I wish we could study AA history because many lack understanding and foresight.

  2. Sarah says:

    Love the show, especially when Dr Simon is on..I would like to wish all the fathers a happy Father’s Day…I don’t have a problem in working if it’s a honest days work and i’m going to be paid for it… I agree with Deb, we have allowed ourselves and our children to become soft, and developed poor work ethics…I have a niece who has a job for the past six months, and does not want to work on Fridays, makes excuses about showing up to the job and could care less if she keeps it….I shake my head at the bad upbringing some of these parents have done on their children, which will result in poor choice in mates later in life…

  3. Rhonda says:

    Does this show hate deaf people or what? Why no transcripts?

  4. sirwinston says:

    Far to long, businesses always want “cheap-labor.” It is how they get rich off of the backs of laborers no matter the race gender. To bring back that era is high on the list; and as we have seen, American’s business goes overseas to continue that trend. This show the weakness in america. A man or woman should be paid a decent wage for the duties (not work) they perform. That old talk about getting different race to work our fields and to this or that…it should be at a price where America economy can grow. The bottom line is America has suffer long enough by being cheap on paying wages and want other people to work for hardly nothing. This is a new day and if businesses want to grow and suceed, it must come out of the dark ages and pay up! Who stand to lose; America as a whole. Consumer will not buy hgh price items and what will happen is produce will sit and spoil thereby making the growers lose profits, what profits they could have made instead of losing it. America businesses has to come to term with paying a decent wage where the cost of living has taken front seat.

  5. Damon drevrr says:

    I love it when attorney bell is on. I’m a Democrat but he makes sense. These dads needs to work!
    They need more black conservatives that are not NUTS!

  6. Leonard W Giddens Jr says:

    What slavary? Give me a break.

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