Rob Redding says sources have told him Bishop Eddie Long and his wife Vanessa are no longer living together as husband and wife. New Birth Baptist Church however, issued a statement on Tuesday that the couple is indeed still together. Art Franklin a spokesman for the church released this statement: “That claim is completely and absolutely false,” according to a statement from church spokesman Art Franklin. “Mrs. Long is very much a loving, dedicated and committed wife and mother.” Click here for listener’s responses on the show…

rob redding segment on bishop eddie long ordeal

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  1. sirwalters19 says:

    We all have come to know that there are a lot of things going on with Eddie Long these days. You want to know the truth but; its hard to beleive anything you hear because one know that Long has been telling lies from the on-set. Mrs. V. Long is a beautiful lady from all account; and I think she do deserves the honest from your husband. We now must keep the fire hot under Eddie; not let him or this issue die down where he thingks he can go back to being just usual instead of doing what is right. He has to leave the pulpit from whence he stands and give his wife the decent of coming to church not being overshallow by Long. What he did not just the sexual problems; but the Land Deal, Mortgage Scam and whatever cast a mountain of doubt about his leadership abilities and honest to his family and the congregation. Because of all of this, I would not trust him no matter how many churches he has. Then he has the nerve to asked for additional $500 – $1,000 from his congregation to start two more churches, if you all don’t smell something going on; then you all need to seek help. Mrs. Long can do bad by herself; and she had nothing to lose; she get’s half of the empire and can start her own church where people would flock to. You can bet, long as she stay in this situation; more thing are going to surface. I think it would do her some justice if she take a leave and reajust herself for in days to come; she is going to need all of her strength.

    1. Janis says:

      Listen these people have chosen to be fools for a corrupt lying sexual deviant. No one put a gun to their head. I say they will get what they deserve in the end for following a liar, cheat, greedy and filthy adulterer like Eddie Long.

  2. The Black Falcon says:

    At this point, who cares?

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