On today’s POWERTALK w/ Lorraine Jacques White, thought-provoking questions were asked with regard to the integrity and accountability of our leaders. What should the expectation be for political leaders, morally, professionally & personally? Is there an allowed weakness for those in public service? Are we demanding that our leaders be PERFECT people?!

To help us in our discussion, we had the SISTERS-IN-LAW, Attys. Janice and Daveda Mathis, who dissected the truths about legal mediation and what it REALLY means for the guilt and/or innocence of a person. Listen below for more details:





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  1. The Black Falcon says:

    Morality and perfection are not the same. Integrity and perfection are not the same. While I in no way expect any man/woman to be perfect, I do expect that my political/religious leaders would be of high integegrity and moral standards.

    As far as guilt and/or innocence, no person in their riight minds, or should I say, no person who does not bow at the altar of the “celebri-gods” would believe that a person with nothing to hide would pay any amount of money in a settlement. It’s funny how everybody on your show Mrs. White is somehow trying to rationalize that which is unrational. Black folk are quick to point out the double standard in the judicial system,,, but black folk also have a double standard in which they view behavior. The Black elite can get away with murder but let a teacher or police officer committ an offense and watch how quickly Black folk throw them, not under the bus, but under the pavement the bus was riding on. Yourself included Dr. White.

    I listened to you show this morning and couldn’t believe how many way-outs you provided to Lebron. (there were rumors that his wife was cheating on him, there was the skit that went viral, etc.) He is paid MILLIONS to perform in Big situations, period. Again, since he is a celebri-god, he gets a pass. Last week you criticized a fire and rescue team for not risking their own lives to venture out into the freezing waters of the San Francisco Bay to save a man who wanted to kill himself. You criticize the rescue uinits but give Lebon a pass. Absolutely amazing.

  2. Sarah says:

    Dr White: I expect my religious and public officials to be truthful…When Rep Weiner came out and lied in the very beginning, saying his account was hacked and he did not send those pictures, then had to turn around and fall on his sword and admit he lied over something as simply as sending texts to unknown women, he was done…We expect you to go to congress to represent our public interests and you have all this time to sent totally inappropriate pictures of a sexual nature and also have sexually explicit conversations with maybe even minors, on the taxpayers dime, lie about it to not only your spouse but the public who voted for you and expect you to have a higher degree of morality, you need to go home and maybe find that career in the porno industry since you seem to be leaning in that direction…

    This situation with Eddie Long and Creflo Do$$ar shows the diefication black people have with titles, position, prestege and their complection…We have always had issues with light skin dark skin in our communities…If a dark skin person like Wesley Snipes does a crime, his behavior will not be condoned, but if he has money he will be given a pass…The lighter skin blacks was pushed ahead by blacks as well as whites and it does not matter what they did, we tend to have a higher tolerance for their bad behavior than we would with people darker in complection…Look at the complection of all the so called black leadership from emancipation to present, very few of them of the darker hue were able to break through except if they marry white or have a lighter skin spouse to validate them within the black community…Until we get our heads straighten out from the PTSD (Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome) we have been living under, we will not advance psychologically as a group…

    1. The Black Falcon says:

      Blacks as a group will never advance, at least not very far. So many of us sheepishly follow so-called religious and/or political leaders, who seek only to benefit themselves, at our own peril. Further, no on had better speak out against these “so-called” leaders because you run the risk of being called jealous, a hater,a self-hating negro, etc.

      Look at the current situation in Atlanta and across other major US cities. Most are headed by democratic mayors,, many of them Black. Moreover, many of these cities have been headed by Black democratic mayors, black majority city council persons, black majority police departments, and black majority school boards. Yet, look at the condiions of Black people who live in these cities. The caste system of the rich, the poor and very few in the middle is perpetuated regardless of who holds political office. Ask yourself, are you any better off now than you were before President Obama was elected? What about before Mayor Reed was elected? Probably not (if you are being truthful). Yet we continue to vote color over competence every time, and look at what it has gotten us; double digit unemployment, drop-out rates as high as 50% in some cities, crime plagued neighborhoods, 70% of Black births being to unwed mothers, disfunctional families, high incarceration rates, especially for black males, the list goes on and on…

      Most Black folk adhere to the notion that we must come together if we are to overcome the social, economic, and political ills that plague us as a community. I advocate for the opposite. It is precisely the “group think” mentality that has kept us from thriving.(re-read paragraph 2). It will not be until we use individual thinking and stop going along just for the sake of supporting Black folk, that we will begin to make a difference in our OWN lives. We have gotten all the help we are going to get from the political establishment. Remember, “A rising tide lifts all baots.” So, don’t count on some grand government intervention, that is not going to happen. We see what our churches are up to (i.e. Eddie and Creflo). Again, no help there. It is up to each individual to make their own life better. If we continue to wait for the Black group/community to (as a whole) make any significant progress, we will be waiting a long time.

  3. Therese says:

    Dr Lorraine, I don’t like this picture of this black man with white wings on his back, what message are you trying to convey? Why cant he have black or brown wings? If going to heaven means I have to only be surrounded by white only, including people then I don’t want to go. This is the same message this bile and all religious doctrine has been pushing on black people to think of white as pure and black as evil. White for weddings, black for funerals, devils, and all things bad. Keep in mind this christian religion was pushed onto black people by Europeans who wrote themselves into a book situated on a dark continent, with the only representation of black people in this book as servant, slave positions throughout this book, nothing in leadership. What this book is conveying in a subtle way is that black people have no leadership skills and should not look to find any.

  4. porsha says:

    I have read all these comments and ALL ARE RIGHT ON POINT!!! It literally makes me sick on my stomach when I hear blacks debating over a bible that displays the maker as a blue eyed blonde haired man. It actually is so insane that it is funny at times. I will never truly believe the bibles text because no one can ever convence me that in that region, The virgin mother of Christ Mary was a white skinned women as well as Jesus, when everything walking breathing the earth in that region of the world were people of color- dark color to be exact. So how do I look as a black female sitiing my behind in church with my bible reading text that is historically incorrect? I would look like a fool! Some members of these churches are so foolish and down right brainwashed to think that they are recieving the true word. Let me share a paradigm of how some preachers of these megachurches has its members all messed up. A girlfriend of mine who is a ” whats popular groupie” recently began going to this mega church off Six Flags Drive. You can guess the name…. anyway she told me that she loved the Pastor because he invited all the members to attend his daughters wedding but he asked that they bring cash donations. Now this Pastor is a millionaire heir to a multimillion dollar haircare company, but yet he wants his members to raise money for the newly weds? Whats wrong with this picture? I asked my friend how is that special? I would have been insulted as a member. Most of them can barely pay thier mortgages, yet are so willing to help the millionaire pastors daughter pay cash for her new home which no doubt will be a mini mansion.

    Everything that these prosperity preachers do is based on money and how much more they can get from its members. Now this same pastor recently asked members to raise about 800 dollars to buy some now homeless members some furniture when this man can buy a whole furniture store on his own. And for those that are saying that I am hating or jealous, think what you want, but it is not rational to give your hard earned dollars to people that are already RICH! They continue to get richer while you get broker……is a good weekly sermon of hoopin’ and hollerin’ worth your economic future? I can go to 6 different churches in 1 day and I would still hear the same tired old retoric about us black folk. And stop thinking just because your church offers debt and financial counseling that they are progressive. These churchs arent doing anything for you that you cant do for yourself!

  5. sirwalter19 says:

    Problems in our churches actually destroys families more so than any other routine problems. Church are a place where some relief can be found. Both Sarah and the Black Falcon is right on all accounts; people are so carry away by names and groups; none of that matter, people are still human beings regardless of titles. Church leaders have not been openly brought to justice on their actions because the church and state has always been an issue. Not only Long and Creflo, but people who serve in high positions have made the U.S. look so stupid where others are coming here trying to partake in the same old things. Scamming people and misleading people out of their money and then do not want to be blame for their actions. Churches are like a business, it almost operate as such because they are aways trying o pulll money from your pocket. Some churches take up three to four offering all in the same services and if you have more than two services, then you are to much. Every Pastor, Minister, Bishop, etc., must have accountalibility and there has to be some one appointed over them to ensure they complies. Finally, what we have seen of all public officials, no matter what their titles are, they too come to fall because of the lies and the actions they commit upon others and themselves.

    1. Sarah says:

      That’s why if I have the misfortune to be in a church and it’s collection time, i’ll pass the plate to the next person in line and will not put anything in it..I have no need to be used as a meal ticket or to help pay the mortgage for these preachers who lives in mansions while their members live in shacks…

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