Bishop Paul Morton

Bishop Paul S. Morton stops by the studio to talk about his event thats coming up this month at the Georgia World Congress Center. “The Full Gospel Fellowship Conference.” Click below to hear the interview.

For more information on this even, go to

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  • Sarah

    We keep hearing about and going to all these Gospel concerts and conferences sponsored by people that don’t look like us, making all the money form our attendances, and concessions…I have yet to see anything fruitful come out of these shows except people leave with a t-shirt and pictures of these celebrity preachers…How many years has TD Jakes been having his dog and pony show? What has been the end result of these shows? Was any businesses developed from any of them? Can we see some real life testimonials of people who benefited rather than the usual feel good moment from the gospel choirs and preachers? I rest my case, i’m tired of going to lectures to hear the same tired stories and nothing fruitful…The only people who leave happy are the vendors, sponsors and preachers who got paid…

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