Will There Ever Be A Reason Not To Vote?

lupe fiasco Will There Ever Be A Reason Not To Vote?

Many Black Americans have lost their lives to gain the right to vote.  As a result there is now an African American in Office.  Will there ever be a justified reason not to vote?  Even if you do not believe or have any interest in who is running for office, should you feel obligated to vote to make a difference?  Listen to how Rapper Lupe Fiasco tries to warrant his reason for not voting.

  • Sarah

    He has a right not to vote if he feels disenfranchised by the current AmeriKKKan political process…We don’t elect the president of the country, that decision is in the hands of the electoral college…I will not vote for the better of two evils as I have heard many so called black interlectuals expressed…Not voting might be one of the strongest forms of protesting we can do against this barbaric system we’re operating under…

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