ATLANTA(WAOK/AP)- New York Representative Anthony Weiner’s list of social media female friends now has a local connection. A woman from Athens, GA is one of the latest additions.

34-year-old Traci Nobles, a fitness trainer, says she regrets that her personal information was sent to the media by her roommate.  Nobles says that her roommate went into her Facebook account without permission and emailed a screen shot of a private conversation between her and Rep. Weiner.

Weiner has admitted to sending explicit messages and photographs of himself to at least 6 women online. Now an X-rated photo that Weiner purportedly took of himself has turned up on the Internet. There are calls from Democrats and Republicans for the New York Democrat to resign. Despite  immense scrutiny throughout the week, Weiner has refused to resign.

Here is the latest on “Weinergate” from our CBS New York affiliate 1010 WINS


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  1. sarah says:

    Let this man and his wife resolve this family crisis and people need to stop coming up with these salacious, tabloid news update..We all Weiner lied to his constituents, and most importantly he lied to and cheated on his now pregnant wife of less than one year..I would say this woman is under enough stress as it is, we don’t need every minute detail of this story splashed across the papers..News media is not about informing the public anymore, they are more about making a story our of nothing to get ratings..Which is why I have turned off my cable and I have not watched TV in over one month..I’m still well informed, but I get my news from more reliable sources other than the current corporate media we have in this country…

  2. Sisley says:

    Weiner needs to resign before he ruins his wife’s career. He is not the first adulterer or the last. He is Huma Abedin’s problem.

    I am sure Adele Cohen is having a good long laugh at Weiner’s expense. What comes around goes around.

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