ATLANTA (WAOK)- A Marietta man is facing charges for being a cellphone peeper at an Acworth Wal-Mart. Police say Twenty-year old Christopher Luna is accused of stalking a woman at the Acworth Wal-Mart pharmacy, then leaning down and snapping a picture of her from under her dress with his cellphone. Acworth Police Major Wayne Dennard says the victim never knew she had been snapped. Luna was caught on tape by the store security camera. He was arrested before he could leave the store. Now police are concerned that there may be other victims. If you think you may have been a victim of the cell phone peeper, contact Acworth police.



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  1. Sarah says:

    What the hell is the matter with these people and their juvenile behavior? I remember when I was in elementary school boys used to use hand mirrors to look under our uniforms when we were on the playground or walking up the stairs to go to class…Sitting in jail for a few days and or getting branded a sex offender might get him to reconsider how to properly meet women…

  2. Leonard W Giddens Jr says:

    I thought I had seen it all when I was in Fla. A woman came to a car rental with a roach coach. All the workers came out to buy something. This woman had shorts that made a bikini look small. This one clown perposely dropped a dime near her foot. He reached down to get the dime and put his head between his leggs to look between this woman’s leggs. She act as if nothing was going on. I bet see sell three times a day.

    1. Ricardo says:

      Sorry about the rant, I just can not stand the regurgitated junk that Racoon spews. It makes me innase, this is exactly why I do a silly internet radio show- dedicate 60% of my free time to it, to fight inane spew like Racoon’s, luckilly racoon’s hackery is no longer working, only the loyalists remain, the 30%ers. Thinking, rational republicans, no longer buy the spew.Benson: good point. It could well be Limbaugh’s audience has grown more with the internet. I will stop calling Rush a nazi, when right wing hacks like racoon, stop spewing “Hitler was a socialist’ and “dems want the Islamo-fascists to take over America”. No I do not expect anyone to approach my partner and I on any television appearances any time soon. My show is done because we hate what the GOP has done to America first and foremost, for a career, neither of us count on it. “But she conviently”, is that an attack on me, or a typo? I sure hope it was a typo, you do not want me to attack your masculinity now do you? I have a bunch of ad-hom attacks standing by.

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