Church hurt is a growing issue in churches worldwide. Personal attacks within the body of Christ that bruise faith and souls are taking place from the sanctuaries right on into the pulpits, and the trend, which has been around FOREVER, is showing no signs of slowing down…

Today, on POWERTALK w/ Lorraine Jacques White, we explored the causes, effects and examples of church hurt and simply asked the question… HAS IT HAPPENED TO YOU?! Tune in below and see if this conversation sounds familiar:








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  1. porsha says:

    As a spiritual person, but not a religous person, I have never allowed myself to become so passionate about a preacher male or female that i lose sight of what it means to be spiritual. I have a personal relationship w/ the maker that DOES NOT need validation from another living human being with a Degree in THeology! The black community as a whole would be better off if we took our money and invested it in ourselves, and our communities rather than it’s churches of today. Not to be biased, but I went to Mt. Ephriam one Sunday, and realized that this is what the black church needs to be about- Dr. White was real and took me back to the days when I went to church with my Grandma. I remember one of my sisters friends just moving into her new home- and guess who showed up to eat diiner and bless her new home? Rev. White himself. I was blown away. How many of these new cookie cutter preachers of “prosperity” are going to do that? Creflo dollar has been on OLd National Hwy. for decades and that area has gone to the dogs. If there is a black church on every corner in the black community, why in the hell are our children at the bottom, going to jail at alarming rates, why are we not prospering as a whole? The women that fill these temples are lonely looking for a man, the men are players looking to fill their beds with desperate lonely women. People are giving 10 percent of their small wages, living from pay check to paycheck with no savings, and all at the same time idolizing the preachers. My heart goes out to anyone who feels betrayed by a man or woman of the cloth, but that hurt is no different from that of a lover. I learned a long time ago to never put all your faith in MAN, and a lot of these church memeber FORGET THAT THE PERSON TEACHING THEM THE WORD IS TOO- MAN born of the same flesh as mine, no more- no less!

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m a spiritual person who will never be led by any man or woman who claimed to be annointed..If this is not the most BS I have ever heard…We have the most churches, liquor stores, pawn shops, fast food joints, and yet still the black community is the most bankrupt spiritually, financially and morally…ALL religions have been used to conquor peoples on this earth period…It’s a political tool invented by Europeans and exported around the world…We are all fighting to get our piece of a concept forced upon by our enslavers, and these slaves are defending this religion with their lives…If we would spend more time on ourselves and our communities and not leave it up to some charismatic leader, we’re paying to fly all over the world in a private jet, we would be much wealthier spiritually and financially…

  3. Mrs. W says:

    I posted a comment last week, and it didn’t show up. Why?

  4. Mrs. W says:

    I am just blown away when I heard Lorraine, as a professed Christian and first lady of a Baptist church, state that there are multiple roads to get to God. When confronted by another Christian who asked what about the fact that the Bible states there is only way to the Father and that is through the Son, Jesus Christ, Lorraine stated that she didn’t believe that God would let precious Muslims and other precious people go to hell because they did not accept Jesus and that she didn’t want to be affiliated with a god that would not accept all of his creation. She also said that the caller was somehow stepping into the role of God and condemning people to hell who were not Christians. WOW! Seriously, lady? Seriously? I couldn’t believe it. How do you call yourself a Christian and then denounce Jesus Christ, the foundation of Christian faith? I already questioned half of the things that Lorraine said, but now, I definitely cannot take her seriously. It is very said that she is perpetuating this “theology” with her position.

    Jesus is the way, the only way, to God. If you believe in Jesus and study your Bible, you will see that He is the only way to God and heaven. You can’t believe half of the Bible and say you are a Christian. Further, it is not condemning someone to hell if you believe or recognize that faith in Jesus is the only way. The condemnation comes from God if you choose not to accept His Son. That’s why God gave us all a choice.

    Lastly, to Lorraine, Luke 9:26 states: Jesus said, “If you are ashamed of me in front of men, then I will be ashamed of you in front of my Father.” IMHO, having a radio show isn’t worth having Jesus be ashamed of me.

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