ATLANTA (WAOK)- Family members of LaShawna Threatt have filed two separate lawsuits against the W Atlanta Midtown Hotel after the model fell from a 10th story window to her death on May 28th. Maurice Threatt the father of the young woman filed a lawsuit in Fulton State Court on behalf of her estate last week seeking unspecified damages. The same day LaShawna Threatt’s mother  Sharon Traylor filed a separate lawsuit on behalf of her granddaughter, LaShawna Threatt’s 15 year old daughter. Both lawsuits claim the windows at the hotel were defective and improperly installed.

One lawsuit claims the windows in Room 1012 had recently been replaced and it was not properly tempered for use as an outside wall window. LaShawna Threatt and her friends had gathered May 28 in Room 1012 to celebrate her 30th birthday and was “play wrestling” with her friend Ciara Williams when both women crashed through the window and fell 10 stories down to the glass sunroof.  Threatt died from her injuries, Williams is still in the hospital in critical condition.

Comments (2)
  1. Jackie says:

    Oh, yeah, who didn’t see that coming.

  2. Leonard W Giddens Jr says:

    What are we talking here, a gymnasium? My condolences, that is sad. Why in the world would two people, one in their 30s be wrestling in a room on the tenth floor? Folk, things get crazier by the day. The first of the month, two grown men fell out of a bathroom window on a chartered bus in the Northeast. How and why would two adult men be in a small bathroom such as one on a bus. This is one law suit I want to follow. Sorry folk.

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