You know… we normally have GREAT shows, but every now and then, there comes a topic that is SO hot and SO controversial that it sets our phone lines and conversation ON FIRE! Today, was such a day…


Creflo Dollar, Pastor of World Changers Church, Int’l here in Atlanta, preached a sermon this past Sunday that directed former New Birth members to GO BACK to where they came from. Was he nice about it? Did he overstep his boundaries? Watch the clip below and YOU decide:


Now, you KNOW our listeners had MUCH to say about these remarks and ORDERS from Pastor Dollar. Some agreed, more disagreed, and the comments were so good that we had to post the entire discussion for you to enjoy! Take a listen:












Comments (11)
  1. shawne says:

    I will state that I’am not a regular church goer, but I do believe and love the lord and he is my savior. I do not agree with creflo dollar and what he is saying for the very reason is that eddie long is his friend and that is a different relationship from longs congregation who attend the church and look at him in a different light. Creflo was way out of line when he spoke about long going to heaven and that you should go back to someone who you have trusted and they deceive you, that’s a hard pill to swallow in any part of ones life, but when it comes from someone that is anointed it breaks people trust and spirit. On the other hand when did parents start trusting anyone with their kids as if he’s not of the flesh. I think some people take their bishops,pastors and priest and look at them as if they are GOD himself, he is their to deliver a message from GOD I’m there to receive it. We still live in the world and there are deceivers everywhere not just on capitol hill or wallstreet. Everyone has issues and short comings some more then others , but at the end of the day that is going to be between him and GOD and as people we make our decisions to what we will allow in our lives may not make sense to some, but you live your life for you and God. We can judge him all day long , say hateful things but from my understanding one Sin is not greater then the other so I feel he need to settle that between him and god and as people we need to be more aware that there is really no safe place for our children or ourselves and to be more aware of that everyone has a past,a flaw,a habit and desire for something on this earth.In Colossians 3:12 As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion,kindness,humility, meekness ,and patience.

    To Lorraine I love the advice and comments that you gave I will be listening more often great debate. Keep up the good, positive work and keep educating us thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

  2. NYTN says:

    Creflo Dollar Ministries has had the original video removed. It is now found at

    “Creflo Dollar ORDERS Eddie Long’s Former Church Members to ‘GO BACK!'”

    1. Sisley says:

      Dollar & Long two modern day church pimps using money, power and egos to keep their clueless non-critical thinking congregations in line. Both have disparaged and belittled their congregations.

      These people are giving their money to a man who thinks that having sex with people other than his wife is ok. He simply pays them off behind close doors. This is the same man who condemns gays and marches against them having the same rights in marriage as a man or woman. HYPOCRISY!! Dollar and Long are 2 devils protecting their turf.

      I guess New Birth needs to develop a special fund for boys and young men who will be coerced to have sex with Eddie Long. That church is a cult.

      I agree with Fred. It is pure evil.

      P.S. To Lorraine Jacques-White you have made it very clear where you stand on this subject by how you have handled it during your many programs about Eddie Long. “When people show you who they are, believe them.” —Maya Angelou

      1. The Black Falcon says:

        Lorraine White is totally biased in favor of Eddie Long. She has gone out of her way to defend him, everybody can see this. She has no objectivity when it comes to black celebrities. Now, had this incident involved a police officer, she would be more than happy to pile on the criticism.

  3. Sarah says:

    Dr Lorraine you know I love you and Ms Bev Smith my home girls from Pennsylvania, but this situation with Creflo Do$$ar and Eddie Long, is the reason why black spirituality has lost it’s flavor and has become so irrelevant…The black church and it’s leaders used to be the conscious of the world, before everyone started seeing an easy way to make money cranking out these fast food franchise based religous orgs, who are in the business of robbing you spiritually and financially, which is a damn crime in and of itself..There has to be a special place in hell reserved for people like these con artist, who’s only calling is to the bank to make their deposits…Most of them dont even bank with black blacks, and these churches are a drain to the community financailly..We have more churches, pawn shops, liquor stores, fast food places in black communities than any other communities, ask yourself why? If we’re the most spiritual, why are we the most bankrupt spiritually, financially and now morally? These places are all bad for the community…Eddie Long, Creflo Do$$ar are as wrong as two left shoes, they must know there is no hell the way they are carrying on being triffling with peoples souls, money and trust…I would get as far away as possible from both of these places and men…I have regained my sanity by staying away from all religious institutions…I now have more money in my bank and peace of mind which is more precious than anything money can buy…

    1. Sisley says:

      Bravo Ms. Sarah bravo!

    2. Nakale Ayovunefe says:

      Yes, Sarah. My husband and I have stopped attending church for four years now. I am tired of hypocrites like them bilk the poor and trusting Blacks. God is still in my heart. I agree with you 100%.

  4. Chrysanthevonne Glenn says:

    the video is still on

    1. Chrysanthevonne Glenn says:

  5. porsha says:

    Amen Sarah, I could not have said it any better. Just look at the state of Old National Highway, and there sits World Changers Ministries right dab in the middle. I stopped going to church a long time ago once i figured out that it was a money making device that actually bankrupts the very communities they dwell in. Each preacher tries to OUTBUILD the next, and then it’s memebers running around acting like they are apart of an elite country club with a gold card access to heaven. It is literally insane. The same people will bypass a black owned business yet claim to be so annoited and filled with the Holy spirit of brotherhood. If you collectively added all the money that all the black churches have raised to build enormous houses of worship, all bankrolled by their members, the black communitywould be the richest community on earth. It is so interesting how we as a people can pour all our earnings into a place of worship, then go back to delapidated hell holes of a community that are like you said crime ridden, and filled with sub par businesses all around all owned by non black folk. How ignorant. I am a spiritual person, but also a very smart person. And somehow this picture with the black churches with all its north, south, east, west, bible chains just seems totally crazy at best.

  6. Sisley says:

    Sherri Shepherd’s comments about Eddie Long

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