Atlanta (WAOK) Church attendees Sunday at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church heard some interesting news. Bishop Eddie Long on Sunday announced the start of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Birmingham and also said New Birth will be expanding to Denver as well. The two locations will become satellite extensions of New Birth in Lithonia. Both churches are expected to open by 2012.

Bishop Long also said the Lithonia megachurch recently received its certified audit back from 2010 and 2009. Long said that the church passed the audit.

Finally parishioners financially able were asked to make larger donations ($500 to $1,000) as a seed for the ministry. Long said the money would be used to keep up operating expenses over the summer months.


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  1. Therese says:

    Why are people still in this church listening to what he has to say about morality and religion? I always felt that churches were in the franchise business, New Birth has proved my point wilh it’s expansion..We have all these churches in our communities and we’re still under employed and being drained by these institutions…I would like to know who were the idiots who made the donations asked for by Mr Long..He is trying to put back the money he used for his attorney’s fees and to pay off this sex scandal..Nice try Mr Long, it will not work on me..

  2. sirwinston1941 says:

    Psalm 119:105-112, Driving In The Dark is what many people do. The workds of God provides the light we need to see the way; it shows us what we need to kow so we won’t go astray. When money become so great and all interest is placed on it, you should know that you are not coming to hear God’s words from the one who claimed he/she was called to preach it. We all should asked ourselves one questions; why is anyone continuing to start new churches when he/she has a Mega-Church that seats 25,000 plus others that are extention of the Mega-Church. It would be the right things to do when there would be no reason except to have finance coming in from every major directions and where many will not pay any attention. The hammer has fallen on this chapter for NB. Not everything has been brought to light and if it is not; by the time it is……it will be to late to recoupe what one has given. The facts are alreay out there; Long told everybody that their money was safe…what prompt him to say that? Something is amist and you are hearing it from many outside sources. The bottom line is; if anyone can use you for the purpose they want; why bother using their personal finance. Why would you have to give $500 to $1,000 extra. It is not your responsibilities to bring two more new churches into establishment.

  3. Leonard W Giddens Jr says:

    Why not? Everyone wants a place to call home. That kind of stuff is what trips triggers now a day.

  4. porsha says:

    This is a bunch of “frackanakelbull”. I cannot believe that he has the gall to even try to start new extensions of NB. And mind you his memebers paid that settlement. Im sure they do not have 15-25 million at their disposal to settle a suit for themselves, so what GODLY sense does it make for NB members to continue to financially support this institution. I want all the members of these prosperity mega churches to hear this:

    1. Just because you are a memeber of these institutions, does not mean you are an elite member of an exclusive private country club, so stop walking around acting as if you have a GOLD card access to heaven and other dont.

    2. Stop pretending to be the christian that you say you are. Most of you women and men of these institutions cant stand each other, wont support each other in business or anything else, so just stop with this fake bible qouting sherade that you do to try to elevate yourselves from common folk.

    3. Stop putting yourself in financial strain to make rich people rich. Is really hearing a bunch of tired retoric and screamin and a shoutin every Sunday worth your finacial stability. Yeah I love some good singing too, but 5-10 bucks in the collection plate one go round is all any preacher will get from me. If he or she can bless me to win the megamillions, then they will get more. I just is not rational to keep pouring money into a building, when the suroounding community continues to suffer and go down, but each and every Sunday this is what you Christians do- step over the ghetto and step foot in these lavish huge temples. If you have the power to build a mega church, shouldnt building up the surrounding community be just as important? When I see this happen with the black church of today, maybe I will step back in one.

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