Dangerous Dog Ordinance in College Park

College Park (WAOK) Saying it’s acting in the interest of public safety, College Park officials will enact a  “dangerous dog” registry next month that some critics say is very close to canine profiling.

Residents owning dogs that have, without provocation, bitten someone during the last 12 years, will be required to register their pet with the city clerk’s office.  Pit bull, Doberman, Rottweiler and German shepherd owners, will also have to register their dogs whether they have ever attacked someone or not.

Registration will cost a $25 annual fee. Those who fail to register their dogs will face fines and confiscation of their pets.

Lawrenceville, LaGrange and Floyd County have all enacted their own versions of the ordinance but College Park appears to be the first municipality in Georgia to require registration for breeds beyond pit bulls.

There have been several recent pit bull attacks in areas near College Park.  Last August an infant was mauled and seriously injured by a pit bull in Clayton; two months later, a Jonesboro resident walking his dog was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull.In addition, an animal control officer was bitten by a dog.

Critics are upset that no public hearings were held before the dog registry became law.


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  • john

    Lets see the pit bull that mauled that baby, I have seen hundreds of pit bulls and haven’t seen an aggressive one yet. They seem to be very smart and very loyal.

  • BettyS

    I was bitten by a schnauzer and there’s a golden retriever that runs amok here and attacks other dogs.

    I’ll use the catchphrase we gun owners like to use: registration leads to confiscation.

  • Curtis

    Discriminating based on breeds its silly and unfounded. Any dog acts based on how its trained or untrained. This is pretty common knowledge now. Heck watch cesar millan on nat geo. Educate yourself.

  • Hank Warren

    More and more regulations and taxes, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):


      Your outrage and psychosis is noted. But then you take your complaint to an online comment forum of a local TV station. Oh yes, that will get results. Fool.

    • Jeb

      Ron Paul is a friggin’ nutcase. He has the potential to be worse than obummer. We don’t need a nut case druggie, we need a true conservative, a true constitutionalist…and Paul is NOT it.

    • jasperddbgghost


      WE MEAN IT! ( We aren’t kidding….Cmon guys….please? =( )

    • El_Dub

      Yeah…but the thing with this one is that it a LOCAL fee. So if you don’t like it…and more importantly if you live in the voting area of this LOCAL issue…then vote the “representatives” out. I notice you didn’t mention the 9th or 10th amendments which is exactly what this falls under. Maybe you should actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Don’t think for a second that Rep Paul as president would do a thing to interfere with a States Rights issue.

      • Rick Redlum

        A member of the media reading the constitution. LOL that’s rich. Next thing you’ll ask them to actually love their country.

    • mike souza

      You said it brother! Whats even worse is the fact that they can’t afford all the state,locan And Federal agencies and they keep adding to them.
      It’s sad to say such a great country fall as quickly as this nation

    • Betty

      I thought Racial Profiling was against the Law. I have two beautifull German Sheppards. Over the course of my 74 years, I have owned eight including these two. They have all lived good happy long lives, and never bit anyone.
      I will protect my german sheppards with my gun and my life. By the way, I am a female living in California, with an 80 yr old husband.I have nodoubt that my dogs would protect us if the need ever arose. It5 is loyalty. In this society, we need all the help we can get. The thugsa seem to rule. I am keeping my guns also.
      Beware of OWNER

      • Gardentoolnumber5

        I agree. This is so the “authorities” will know when they send SWAT to your door if you have a dog that might bite them.

      • rhonda

        I too am a female living alone and my four year old German Shepherd saved me from a home intrusion 2 years ago. A male found a window unlatched in a bathroom in the back of the house attempted entry into my home by stepping onto the central air but couldn’t quite make it up (i’m I a slight hill) had he stuck his head through that window he would have a found my boy waiting for him on the other side. He never made a sound, the burgler never knew he was “waiting” for him. My boy who is a noisy, luvable lug, who carrys his stuffed animal squeaky toys around with him went totally stealth. I do believe he would have gone for that mans throat. The police did get him several weeks later a short distance from my house attempting entry into another house, but he will never know how close him came to dying that night. German Shepherds will die protecting you. My boy is a sweet old bear of a dog, makes a lot of noise, scares people because of his size but has never bitten or hurt anyone.

      • Jay

        I agree on standing up for animals that cause no harm and offer protection. I would also insist on immeadiately euthanizing any dog that bit someone (severely) out of the blue, regarless of how “harmless” they’d been in the past. 100% freedom also means 100% responsibility.

      • sueb

        You have German ShepHERDs not sheppards. They herd sheep – get it? Dogs are not “race”, they have breeds. Dogs do not have consititutional rights! Breed specific legislation is ridiculous. It is the owner, not the dog. Bigger/powerful dogds are more dangeruous only becausde they can do more damage.

  • NoParty

    This will end up like gun registrations, only honest, honorable pet owners will register and those who use and abuse their so called “dangerous dogs” will not. Will Kennels, police dogs, service dogs all be subject to the $25.00 fee? This is a poorly thought out way to make money, and it might result in dogs being abandoned or put into shelters. Who thought of this foolish idea? I have a German Shepherd and he is as gentle as can be, he loves people, he would lick them to death, not bite, but, if someone attacked me, he would in all probability protect me.. That is part of the reason I have him. Its a good thing I don’t live in Georgia.

  • http://swomleyandtennen.com/blog/?p=121 Are Criminal Registries Effective (Part 3): How Well Can You ID A Dangerous Dog? | S & T Blog

    […] Full story here. […]

  • Adam Scott

    This has been proven time and again to be ineffective in preventing dog attacks… why not look into these programs, and better alternatives instead of wasting your time and money. All you have to do is look to your nearest Pit Bull Rescue Organization; they will point you to people in your area with real solutions instead of pandering to public fears.

  • hotdoggies

    Any of you dog owners that don’t like this law but LIKE gun control, here you go… Same thing.. Pay a penalty or more money to simply OWN this animal, or they’ll curb your privy’s (Well, in gun ownership 2nd amendmt is a right).. Kinda stinks, don’t it?

  • John

    I have a better idea. How about euthanize all pitbulls and leave all those other types of dogs alone.

  • Teacakes

    BS! It’s not profiling a dog….it’s a way to get money. Registration fee=tax $$.

  • codecrackx15

    This has nothing to do with safety. This has EVERYTHING to do with fleecing people for more money. The Federal and Local Government’s keep pushing and pushing and there will be a tipping point.
    So when do the people need to start doling out a $25.00 registration fee for the right to breathe air? What next???

  • jim craig

    And registration will make these dogs tamer with more responsible owners? I don’t think so. It’s just another way to get a few more dollars for the gov to waste.

  • Tom

    This could be stopped pretty fast – just don’t allow blacks under the age of 35 to own animals.

  • Marvin G

    It’s about time! Also a $100 fine if your dog is off the leash in public and a $250 fine for not cleaning up after they do their business. I love dogs but entirely sick of irresponsible owners. Ban Pit Bulls completely.

  • borntobepolitical

    How different is a pit bull that is bread to kill and a loaded gun?

    • sueb

      Loaded guns do not go off by themselves. A dangerous dog can run through a neihbor hood and maul an innocent child or pet.

  • Davey Mac

    With few exceptions kids and dogs end up behaving as a reflection on how they are raised. To categorically demand that all dogs in these breeds MUST be registered is an extremely ignorant statement. But, hey, consider the source.

  • Boxer_Owner

    It’s not the breed or the dog, it’s the owners. Yes, certain breeds have more agressive dispositions than others, but in reality it’s how they’re handled that is really the major variable on how they act. A lot of people are ignorant when it comes to dog ownership and are irresponsible. Dogs aren’t toys, they’re living animals and in some cases they’re very large and powerful and should be respected as well as given obedience training at an early age. They’re pack animals so you need to establish you’re boss early, but that doesn’t include beating them and chaining them outside for hours on end with no socialization with people or other dogs, that creates mean animals. Also, I’ve owned Shepards and have friends with Pitbulls and they’re big softies. They would never hurt a fly. Once again, it’s the owner and not the dog. Besides the only dogs I”ve seen biting people are those little foofoo dogs.

    • sueb

      Shepherds not sheppards !

  • Elizabeth

    Pure $$ grab. Come on and give over your dollars to your betters. They have nice pensions that need funding. Pay raises, too.

  • Irish67

    Dogs are the least of our problems. I havent read any stories about dogs forming a mob and robbing stores, or swarming city buses, or forcibly entering water parks, or robbing 80 year old men for $5, or engaging in gang warfare on public beaches. I was just reading a story where a black youth bit the ear off of someone he attacked, so dog bites arent even the worst of our worries.

    When black and hispanic youths have to register as dangerous human beings (though I use the term loosely) then I’ll consider registering my dog. And if you think my 12 yo German Shepherd with a bad hip is dangerous, wait to see what happens if they try to ‘confiscate’ him.

  • Yeah Right

    Wow… College Park officials thanks for taking a proactive stance in looking out for the safety and well being of your community. Except there is one very big problem. Why would you require dogs that have never bitten anyone to register? I have a German Shepard dog that is very well trained, great around family and friends, and very protective of children. Your requirement is analogous to requiring ALL politicians to register with the authorities just because a FEW bad ones broke the law and lied to their constituents. Ridiculous isn’t it?

    Your pathetic ruse to generate tax revenue is despicable. Stand up, be adults and call it what it is, another way to take more money out of the taxpayers pockets. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    • dhdh

      you are an idiot – why would you requrie dogs that have bitten someone already to register? They shoudl be dead and buried at that point.

      • mkboog

        So they are an idiot for having a difference of opinion? What if the dog bit someone due to provocation. Or a dog that accidentally nipped someone because they were not paying attention and step on the dogs foot? That absolutely means the animal is dangerous and needs to be put done doesn’t it? Critical thinking is a skill that appears to be quickly vanishing.

      • Linda

        Not always, but many times, if someone gets bit by a dog, they deserve that bite because dogs have no other way to protect themselves. Not all dogs who bite are dangerous. You are wrong when you say that dogs who have bitten should be dead and buried. My chow was beaten with two metal bats by two little brats to the point that he screamed for several days afterwards when touched. He stood and took the beating. Neighbors caught the brats in the act and they fled. I can tell you this, he did not bite those brats, but they would have deserved it. Unfortunately though, he would have lost his life if he had because of people like you. You can’t lump all dogs in the same category.

      • Winjammer

        Jack@zz dhdh wandered out of mommy’s basement long enough to make an inane comment. Know your subject before calling other people idiots.

      • onearmedninja

        That is because dead dogs don’t pay registration fees, but it’s all for public safety.

      • Jim

        We had a dog (German Shepard) who was never allowed to leave the walled yard. A child from next door climbed over the wall and was playing in our pool. His mother came around and came in our yard and started beating on her child. Our dog BIT the mother because he knew the child. Minimal injuries. Nothing happened with the law, but the woman sued and got $15,000 because our insurance did not want to fight it. Two sides to every story.

  • Chris S.

    Unbelievable. As someone who’s raised Dobermans all my life, I find this atrocious. Dobermans, like any dog, are a product of their environment. I’ve kept mine close to me and treated them like family and they have, in turn, been there through my childhood and that of my three children. In fact, I have a Weimaraner that is far more aggressive than any Doberman I’ve ever had. It’s been bad enough that owners of these breeds have been profiled when it comes to insurance and apartment rentals, but this…this is off the chart!

    • gjhg

      waaaa touch my kid at the airport because some animal hugging lefty wanker fears the boogeyman but NOOOO DON’:T MAKE MY DOG REGISTER because it might bite someone that’s horrendous! STFU.

    • Mary Wright Pippert

      They should tax the people instead. My daughter has two pit bulls that are the sweetest things ever and the the other one has a rottweiler . I have only been bitten by toy poodles and chihuahuas. Now there is a dangerous animal.

    • Alyson G.

      Chris I totally agree! I have had dobermans the past 18 years and they all have been dolls. I have a Bouvier des Flandres as well and that breed was bred as guard and military dogs. Will the police department have to pay $25 for their police dogs or ban the use of dobermans and german shepards for police, search and rescue, cadaver dogs etc. because of breed profiling., Any dog can become aggressive when not properly socialized, handles or cared for.

      • gjhg

        I’m actually a super moron!!

    • scottc

      amen. absolutely ridiculous, ineffective, and unnecessary. i own a dobie rescue, a pit rescue, and a prissy little Pom mix Katrina rescue named Sugar – of these three, the biter in the bunch is Miss Shug, who has bitten a neighbor and continues to keep my two “vicious bad boys” in their place. so add Sassy Southern Pomeranian Princesses to your list of Dangerous Dogs, College Park Pansies – and please educate yourselves before knee-jerking – your ignorance is perpetuating stereotypes that are not grounded in reality.

      • Mr. Shug

        Poms are known as biters.

        Would never have one.

  • Ladonna

    Fine idea! Since these breeds of dogs are responsible for a lower percentage of all dog attacks than the percentage amount of crimes committed by Black Males we should register all Black Males and charge them a $1,000 a year fee. Then we should force people with drivers licenses to pay an additional $1,000 a year because they are responsible for the majority traffic accidents.

    Are these the next steps? What kind of Nazis pass these rulings? This is just another government fund raiser. You people voted them in you deserve what you get.

  • dave

    check springfield,mo for pit bull ordinance.

    • Dandee

      And CA insurance companies already charge extra to homeowners who own certain breeds.

  • Hank

    I like the idea but German Shepherds? Really? When was the last time you heard a German Shepherd attack someone? That’s like linking Einstein with Bonny and Clyde.

    • martin

      let em come to collect my fine, I’ll sick fido on em as trespassers.

      actually GS are more dangerous than any but the trained pitbull, VERY protective of the person they adopt as thier “master”

    • Angel in CA

      When you look at CDC statistics for fatal dog bites (1979-98) the German Shepherd is right up there in the top 3. In this case, they picked four breeds out of the top 6 (skipped Husky type and Malamutes that have more fatal bites than for instance the Doberman). I am against this breed-profiling, but why these four? Why not include the Great Dane, Chow Chow and Saint Bernard, who have about the same numbers?

  • duh_swami

    Try and take away my dog, and you are going to have a lot of trouble…

    • wtetw

      no taking – just put a bullet in its head if it bites me – simple solution.

      • Aaron

        If my dog bites you for no reason, I’ll be the one putting a bullet in it.

        But having german shepards on that list is proof this is a money grab, not public safety.

      • Dave

        And there’ll be one in yours a quarter second later, if it’s large enough to receive it.

      • goose

        Look at the statistics. Small dogs bite humans far more frequently than big dogs.Small dog bites are thought to be less dangerous, but a poode can hurt a kid just as badly as a Rottweiler.

        My Rottie is superbly trained and would only attack if someone threatened her people inside of her yard or home. Of course, if someone broke in to my house, they would be lucky to only get bitten. If I am home they will get bitten by the bsuiness end of a shotgun.

        My dogs are part of my family. If a kid torments my dog or harms my dog, the kid will end up on my dangerous person registry and their parents will have to pay my $5,000 per child fee.

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