Atlanta (WAOK)-Bernice King has left her position as an elder at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  King says her decision to leave the church was not based on the recent settlement in the sexual coercion lawsuits filed against the church and Bishop Long. King has been with New Birth for several years. Her mother Coretta Scott King’s funeral was held at the church in 2006.

Back in 2004 Bernice King and Bishop Eddie Long lead a march against gay marraige in Atlanta. King was elected President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 2010 but decided not to take the position after infighting among board members. King says she plans to start her own ministry.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Dr Bernice King can say all she wants that this was about moving on to other things, but why move at this particular time after the settlement of this lawsuit? I see this as a fallout of the Eddie Long sex scandal and the rats are abondoning ship..She should never have been in this church in the the first place, why not go back to Ebenzer where her family has historic roots? I never saw Dr King as a mega church pastor, so this move she’s making will be a good thing..She also has her law license which she can use to practice law..Whenever you have a church with no governing biody, this is what usually happens, we will have egotistical men who will do what the darn well please to the detriment of the membership, who is keeping this organization afloat..Time will tell if New Birth will remain a viable organization with Eddie Long in charge of it…

  2. Frank Baylor says:

    I Guess Bernice will take some of the members of new Birth and start a church…
    after Bishop Long help her so much….Keep an eye on your close friends.

  3. Tony Pope says:

    Funny how the big dogs find it so hard to tell the truth when the heat is on…they can always tell you how to live though…

  4. Puki says:

    Thats what those 4 young men should have done

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