Popular Coach Jailed For Allegedly Putting BB Gun To Student’s Head

Atlanta (WAOK)- Students and parents at Banneker High School in Atlanta were stunned upon hearing the news that popular football coach Kevin Pope was arrested earlier this week.

Pope was charged with putting a bb gun up to the head of a student. The student told police the coach became upset with him because he had received some bad grades.

Parents had always considered Coach Pope to be an inspriation to students and a great motivator. Some students said they felt like the coach took their motivation a little too far this time.

Pope is charged with aggravated assault and reckless conduct. He was being held in Fulton County jail on $1,000 bond.

Pope has been fired from his coaching job at Banneker.

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  • Sarah

    This was taking discipline too far..He could have been shot by a parent, or law enforcement who walked up and saw this man with a gun held to the head of this student..

  • Birddog

    what an idiot.

  • Frank

    Have we learned NOTHING since the Duke incident???? Why was this coach fired? This COULD just be the word of a angry young man upset because of something the coach did. We need to let the investigation take its course.

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