Supreme Court Clarifies Search and Seizure

Atlanta (Metro)-The U.S. Supreme Court is clarifying search-and-seizure rules.  Legal expert Royal Oakes says the court ruled that police can enter someone’s home without a search warrant if they first knock on the door, identify themselves and believe evidence is being destroyed.

Justices ruled that such actions do not violate constitutional protections against unreasonable searches and evidence seizures.  Today’s decision is the latest in a series of rulings that strengthen police powers while curtailing the rights of criminal suspects.

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  • Sarah

    Welcome to the police state folks..We have lost all sense of our homes being our sanctuary..We know who this particular policy will apply to, more blacks and browns, than whites..

  • Betty

    Welcome to the United Police States of America! Our homes can now be searched with no warrant, as long as an officer thinks he hears you destroying evidence of a crime. Might as well all live some place like Lybia!

  • The Black Falcon

    Before all the people start crying about this being a police state, ask yourself this question, has the police come to my house in the past suspecting criminal activity? If the answer is no, then what makes you think that now (after this ruling) things will be different? Trust me, the police have enough to do as it is now without “looking” for more people to harass. I know this doesn’t jive with the more liberal views of people who frequent this station, but it is what it is.

    Granted, I have issues with this ruling, but I doubt if the police will be knocking down my door anytime soon. What troubles me most is that only one Justice dissented in this ruling. The vote was 8-1. Yes, people, even Obama’s appointee was in favor of this ruling.

  • forthe sake of Sense

    This ruling on the surface tends to agree with the legal concept of proable cause. This is a situation which will afford a windfall of out of court settlements for plaintiffs. The major issue here is for what reason are the police there to begin with,secondly was due time given before entering after the knock.

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