Clayton Schools Off Of Probation

ATLANTA (WAOK)- SACS has restored accreditation to Clayton County schools.

SACS has deemed the school system stable. Clayton County had been having problems within the school system for over ten years. SACS intervened in 2008 and removed the school systems . Clayton County schools remained unaccredited for nine months. SACS eventually gave the school system back its accreditation in 2009, but kept Clayton County on probation for two years.

Dr. Edmond Heatley is the Clayton County Superintendent. Dr. Heatley has watched the school system go through this tumultuous period. The superintendent is very optimistic about the schools system no longer being on probation. He used an analogy to express his feelings surrounding the future of Clayton County schools.

Several factors are affected when a school looses accreditation, including college admissions for students and federal funding.

  • Sarah

    This is nothing to celebrate, they should not have been put on probation by a private corporation, run strickly for profit at the expense of students…I would like to see SACS head to Cobb, Gwinnett and Hall counties, since their test scores are questionable…They will not because the complection of the students are much paler, and the governor and Lt govenor are from Hall county..So much for fair and balance, I forgot, that slogan belongs to faux news, the most opinion based information source around…

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