Critically acclaimed radio/tv personality, author and black thought leader, Tavis Smiley, stopped by POWERTALK to chat with Lorraine and listeners about his new book “Fail Up”. Listen to what inspired him to write it and why it will change the intentions and pursuits of black people:

Tavis Smiley has a book signing tonight at 7PM at the Buckhead Barnes & Noble located at 2900 Peachtree! Call 404-261-7747 for details.

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  1. Therese says:

    Now all of you people who were saying Tavis Smiley was wrong about Prez Obama, is jumping on his bandwagon saying he was correct to be critical of this 1st black president. I always supported Bro Tavis and believed he was on point. Dr White, one of the Kool-Aid drinkers of Obama, always likes to say Tavis was jealous of the Prez, because he did not show up for his State of the Black Union, he was not. Dr West was always a mentor to Tavis and supported this brother, I greatly appreciated his honesty in revealing what was very embarrassing to him. I say to Tavis the only revenge is success, which is what you now have…

  2. Therese says:

    I love what you have always stood for Tavis. You did not let the nay sayers turn you into a backup negro, who will retract your version of truth. I have always supported you and will continue to do so.

  3. porsha says:

    Therese, I disagree with your statemnets especially about Dr. White and the kool aid remark. I too support the President and I see Tavis as having an agenda. All he wants to do is talk and that is why Al Sharpton and him had beef because Al was tired of all the TALKING associated with Tavis’ state of the black union talk shows with little action and yes Cornell was always there speaking as usual. When blacks are in a jam, they call on REV AL, not Tavis and certainly not Dr. West. So if the President has not been for black folk I believe without any doubt that Al would speak on it, as he is no Kool aid type of Negro. And Tavis has lost a lot of his fan base and appeal.

    1. Therese says:

      All I see is a bunch of leading blacks and not black leaders..Sharpton will support all the popular agendas to keep his name in the news like immigration reform, gay rights, and nothing about police brutality, racial profiling, jobs for the black community..I see him acting like the cooler in all controversies and hushing them up to go away with a payment made to him..He is using Obama to get access to the WH and all that goes with that access, and Obama is using Sharpton to hold the black votes for 2012 without doing anything for it..He helped the gays with dont ask dont tell, women with the Lili Ledbetter act and now the hispanics with the Dream Act..Nothing was put forward about blacks, all those previous grps are specials interest.. I’m not buying what Sharpton is trying o sell..He’s a phoney like all the other leading blacks who’ve never seen a camera they dont want to get in front of..

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