ATLANTA (WAOK)- People are placing their cars in danger just by parking in a lot near Hartsfield-Jackson.

There are reports that close to 45 cars have been broken into while parked on a lot on Camp Creek Parkway. The thieves break the windows to the vehicles and then steal various items. According to Eastpoint police, items that have been stolen are cash and electronics. The thefts happebed last week at a lot called The Parking Spot.  Parking lot manager Derrick Walker stated the matter is very serious. According to Walker this has never happened before at the lot, but necessary precautions are being taken.

No arrests have been made. All of the lots are monitored by 24 hour security.

  1. Sarah says:

    I usually us Park and Ride whenever I travel and leave my vehilce for convience at the airport..I never had aby issues with break-ins..This has to be an employee or employees who are targeting certain vehicles which might be considered high end, or people who might have left valuables in their vehicle…I make it a habit of never leaving anything in my vehicles except registration and proof of insurance…

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