Atlanta (WAOK)-Atlanta Police now say the woman who was dragged by a MARTA bus on Sunday night had been cited by MARTA Police before the incident. 62 year old Lettie Robinson received a broken arm and several scratches after her arm became stuck in the door of a MARTA bus and she was dragged over 60 feet. Atlanta Police however, say Ms. Robinson apparently had a history of causing problems MARTA Busses. A police report taken BEFORE the dragging incident says Ms. Robinson had been asked to be quiet and sit at the West Lake Station. Ms. Robinson says she was attempting to get back on the bus to retrieve her purse when her arm became caught in the door of the bus. The MARTA driver identified as 51 year old Belinda McMillian says Ms. Robinson had never actually boarded the bus. McMillian was arrested after the incident. Witnesses say McMillian failed to stop when she was told Ms. Robinson was being dragged by the bus.

  1. Sarah says:

    Both the driver and passanger need to be banned from public transportation..This pasanger has serious mental health issues..I never heard of someone getting off a bus and then going back to retrieve their handbag..As a woman, my handbag is always with me and their is no way i’ll walk off a bus and leave it..I might leave a package, but never my handbag..This driver should have her CDL revoke..One thing you always do when you take off, is to make sure you hava a clear entry into traffic, all doors are closed and no one is hanging on or chasing after your bus..

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