ATLANTA (WAOK)-Sen. Donzella James (D-College Park) invites all local residents to attend a public forum followed by a prayer vigil for Troy Davis, who has been incarcerated since 1989. Davis was convicted of the murder of off duty police officer Mark McPhail.  Seven of the nine witnesses that testified against Davis have recanted or changed their testimony. The United States Supreme Court recently denied his last appeal.  Sen. James will be joined by members of the faith community to pray for Troy Davis.

Religious leaders across the country are also calling on their peers to help stop the execution of Davis saying he should be granted clemency because of the widespread doubts about his guilt. Amnesty International and People of Faith Against the Death Penalty are working with religious leaders to encourage others from all faith traditions to endorse a public letter urging the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles to commute the death sentence of Troy Davis. More than 1,500 leaders from all 50 states and the District of Columbia have already endorsed the letter. These include leaders of many different faith traditions, including Baptist, Methodist, and Catholic clergy.

Meanwhile the vigil will happen Monday, May 9, 2011 at 5:00 P.M. in Room 307 at the Coverdell Legislative Office Building, 18  Capitol Square, S.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30334

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  1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

    I truly am sorry things are going the way they are in Davis’s case. As a victim of Georgia injustice, I have tried to do my part to raise intrest in this case. I know that every case is not about race, but this one sure is. A white man is dead and the fingure was pointed at a negro, and evidence shows it had to be a negro, so it doesn’t matter which negro it is that must die to satisfly the officer’s family, and the family themselves doesn’t care either as long as it is a negro that pay’s the price. My people I am with you on this one but, the deck is stacked against us on this one. It would be political death to any and all those that stop the blood thersty people that want, no justice, but revenge. I truly hope I am wrong.

    1. Samantha says:

      You summed the whole situation up perfectly!

  2. Sarah says:

    They will put this man into the chair and kill him because this country like blood letting..This country was founded by killing and stealing land from the original inhabitants, so it will not surprise me to hear what they plan on doing to this man, because any black man will do..This is the same story we’ve been told about all blacks look aike, so this black man will fit the bill…

  3. Jamal James says:

    please advise me on how I can participate in future activities. I am genuinely interested in giving my support. I am living in atlanta but originally from philly
    (where Mumia Abu-Jamal is incarcerated for a crime he did not commit.)
    ive seen the Troy Davis stroy on Democracy now and free speech tv.
    I also know his sister has been a beacon by his side. I have to do something please let me know how I can show my support by presenting to me the very next rally or prayer vigil.

    1. jean103 says:

      You can contact Amnesty International for information on the Troy Davis case.

  4. elizabeth johnson says:

    In Jesus name let troy live he was so young when this happen and i know he deserve another chance

  5. Lettie A Davis says:

    Jesus. I do not know if this man is guilty or not but I do know that the African American whose name is Davis are in need of prayer. Who handles this man’s case?

  6. sirwinston1941 says:

    Little towns and cities have a way of make people say or confess to things that are not true! Now, all of those witnesses said they know Troy did not do that murder of that offcer, and you got the state’s highest Judges not taking matters into consideration and ordering a new trail. We have asked ourselves, what good does this do for Mr. Davis’ case. I think, and the whole U.S. of America knows that Georgia want’s to put Mr. Davis to death beause a white officer lost his life at the hands of a black man who is accused of doing it. If the real murders has comt forth….why would you continue to prosecute an man who is not guility. If they put this man to death, his spirits will roam the city and those responsible for the rest of their lives….and those who could have done something about this, they too will also be bother by Mr. Daivs spirtis. More so, the look that he has continue to give that he did not killed that officer!

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