Those words rang true on every newspaper headline, Twitter timeline, Facebook news feed and radio/television broadcast today, as news broke all over the world regarding the demise of a king of terror – Osama bin Laden.

Emotions and opinions were high as listeners shared both support and disapproval of Osama’s death and Obama’s hand in making it happen. To help put us in the first-hand experience of action and protest, a few of our CBS affliates from Washington, D.C., were on hand to give POWERTALK listeners an account of everything they’ve witnessed from last night to this morning. Correspondents included WPGC News Director, Guy Lambert, and Mark Zinno, from a sister station in Baltimore who is currently serving in Bagdad.

Listen to the commentary below:






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  1. Therese says:

    I’m very disappointed in the dialogue that I heard coming from the mouths of some of the commentators on this program today..I heard some saying today was a good day for Prez Obama because he gave the order to kill Bin Laden and it will help his re-election campaign, them I heard another so called christian mentioning that Gaddafi had better take heed and leave or he will be in the same position as Bin Laden..What the hell has this world become whereby people feel comfortable in the killing of a sovereign head of state, his family members, etc because you do not agree with their policies? If you go down this road aand another nation disagree with the US and her policy is it ok for them to want to kill the US head of state or target his family members for killing to make a point? I dont feel ellated or happy in the taking of someone’s life, the vulgar display seen around the country as if this was a championship game that was won..When other nations celebrate around the world their victory because of what they felt against their invaders, we should not feel anger at them for doing what was on displayed last night aroung this country..

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