Rob Redding: Donald Trump- Viable Presidential Candidate?

Or just another media junky with a serious case of flap trap?

Donald Trump is on a roll lately- calling President Obama (who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law in 1991) a poor student that did not deserve the distinction of being an Ivy League alumnus. This, amidst the fresh circulation of other slander including accusations of President Obama being illiterate, is stirring the pot of conservatives and birthers. So what’s next?

Is Trump going to officially announce his bid for the presidency? What else will he say? Donald Trump is not known for holding his tongue or being easily silenced. So why is he keeping his official plans under wraps for the moment? How long will he continue his tirade against the president? Get Rob’s take here: 

  • Sarah

    Donald Duck Trump is an idiot looking for publicity to keep his name in the spotlight..This fool is not going to run for office because it will open all his financial records for public scrutiny..How many actual billionaires are on TV hawking a show to make a living?..I dont see Warren Buffet, Carl Ichan, Michael Bloomberg, etc,, All these people are making their money and letting their money work for them..Donald dont have any money and is just looking to get more publicity for himself and his businesses..I would stay out of anything that bears Trump’s name if I was any self respecting black person..

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