Women In IHOP Brawl Seeking Legal Help

ATLANTA (WAOK)-  A woman and a police officer threw punches in a Buckhead IHOP, while spectators recorded the entire incident on their cell phones.

The video was posted on youtube and become viral in a matter of minutes. The footage shows a woman and an officer engaged in a fist fight. According to witness reports, the woman was among a group of women, who were being too rowdy. The women were asked to leave, that’s when one woman punched the police officer. Roberta Caban is friends with the woman who allegedly hit the police officer. According to Caban the force used to detain her friend was excessive.

The officers then escorted the woman out. Caban says during the entire situation the officers never mentioned who they were or what they were doing.

The women involved in the brawl are now speaking out. They are saying that the officer gave no warning before he attacked them. One woman says the group had done nothing and his actions were frightening.

The women have obtained an attorney. Attorney Bobby Aniekwu has stated that he will find out why his clients were targeted at the restaurant.

The Atlanta Police Department is investigating the situation. The officer involved has been placed on leave.

  • Sarah

    Now the so called good white folks can experience what black folks has been dealing with ever since we set eyes on them..When whites get brutalized by law enforcement, there’s sharp outcry of police brutality, when blacks get beatup, we’re told we did something wrong, and had it coming to us..

    • JoeMac

      Policeman thought he was Mike Tyson and spanked that girl’s ass for acting up!!

  • slingblade

    so called good black folks cheered and alerted criminals the police were coming when black folks were beating a white person to death in a mcdonalds, talk about a double standard al sharpton. crime happens in all color and among authority as well, welcome to the world. you should at least comprehend things before the race card is thrown out there, the alleged victims were both black and white as a black lady is clearly having her hair pulled by the police then the white lady intervenes and gets donkey punched. it’s a police brutality issue, not race.. but so called race mongers think otherwise, as always.

    • Jen

      Thank you Slingblade..!!!
      I agree..and I happen to be a Black Woman.

  • anti-racist

    Black folks should listen more to the wise words of Bill Cosby.

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