Rob Redding: Eddie Long Returns To The Pulpit!

Easter Sunday has historically marked the day that Jesus returned to life-

but this Easter Sunday also marked Eddie Long’s return to the pulpit! Eddie Long stood before the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church congregation on Sunday and spoke about several things, but to the dismay of some attendees, he did not discuss the details of his infamous sex scandal and possible settlement.

Get Rob’s take on the sermon and the situation:

  • Sarah

    Anytime you go into a settlement offer, it’s an admission of guilt of some wrong doing..This man is a vain, egotistical idiot and should not be allowed in any church’s pulpit..This shows the brain dead, hero worshiping of a man that most blacks have for their pastors..Their membership need to find another place to worship, or it he has any morals left, he would step down rather than allow this organization to die a slow death like Chapel Hill Harvester..

  • Anthony Bernard

    The pulpit is not the platform that Bishop Long should use to discuss “the sex scandal.” I’m almost certain that the attendees of Easter service at New Birth did NOT go there to hear about the sex scandal (otherwise, they should have stayed at home, or gone elsewhere); most went there to worship God and to give God praise for our resurrected Saviour, Jesus Christ. In addition, Bishop Long DIDN’T just return to the pulpit on Easter Sunday. Perhaps, Rob Redding should visit New Birth more often.

  • Chili Boots

    Did he admit guilt and apologize? That is “The Procedure”, “BISHOP”.

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