Atlanta (AP)- A jet carrying First Lady Michelle Obama had to abort it’s landing on Monday after authorities say it flew too close to a huge cargo plane. Yet, Andrews Air Force Base spokeswoman Major Michelle Lai says Mrs. Obama was never in danger.

Air traffic controllers at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington ordered the jet carrying the first lady to execute a “go-around” Monday to give the cargo plane enough time to take off. The FAA says the two planes didn’t have the proper separation distance. The FAA requires a separation distance of 5 miles in order to avoid dangerous wake turbulence that can severely affect the trailing aircraft.  Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden,  was also on the plane with Mrs. Obama.  The National Transportation Safety Board is now investigating the incident and the FAA says a supervisor will handle any takeoff or landing of an aircraft carrying the first lady or vice president from now on.


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