ATLANTA (WAOK)- College students had their worst fear confirmed, when the Georgia Board of Regents agreed to a tuition hike.

The board voted Tuesday to increase tuition and fess at the state’s 35 institutions. Members of the board blamed recent budget cuts, decrease in federal funds and increased enrollment for the need to raise tuition cost. According to Georgia Board of Regents member Willis Potts the increase was necessary in order to maintain the quality programs offered at the colleges and universities.

Some students will see cost in tuition increase by as much as $450.00 per semester. This comes after many students are losing full benefits they once received from the HOPE Scholarship. Colleges could loose as much as $346 million dollars in funding next year.

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  1. Sarah says:

    This country is becoming dumber than a bag of rocks…We wonder why the US is ranked 23rd behind Germany, Japan, even India when it comes to education…We will only have the elites who have money, able to send their children to schools, secondary and collegiate to advance themselves…

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