Have you seen the email from Tea Party activist Marylin Davenport?

You know… the one that has an image of the president’s face superimposed onto a chimpanzee? On the Rob Redding News Review, Rob discusses the latest in tea party madness. The most remarkable thing about this whole bonanza is that the woman is defending her actions and claiming that she is somehow not a racist.

Listen in and sound off! Can one participate in Tea Party and Birther activity and still claim to not be a racist?

Oh… and that picture:

obama chimp1 Marylin Davenport Blasts President Obama!

Comments (2)
  1. V.Bullock says:

    Why respond to idiocy? Thel response to this should simply be…. Whose surprised or upset?

  2. Sarah says:

    She is a lying, I will not say the rest…Why send it out in the first place? She
    knew she wanted to rile up the white base, and this was some of the the red meat to get it going…

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