Toddler Found Wandering the Street

A Southwest Atlanta woman was arrested Wednesday after Atlanta police say she allegedly left her four-year-old son home alone when she went to work overnight. Christina Maroni has been charged with reckless conduct. Neighbor, Twana Collier, says the incident was an example that anything could have happened.

The boy was spotted early Wednesday morning wandering around Glenrose Apartments on Mt. Zion Road at 2:30 am wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.  When Maroni came home and discovered her son was missing she called police to report him missing. The child was turned over to the Department of Family and Children Services.

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  • Sarah

    This is inexcuseable what she did…She did not have anyone in the complex she was living in who could have watched her child? What about her parents, cousins, family members, etc..? This child could have been hit by a car wandering this late, if the weather was colder, he could have died from exposure to the elements, some people should just not have children…

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