Atlanta (AP)- Tyler Perry has taken on a new project, and this time its coming directly from his heart. Last year, he heard about an 88-year-old woman in Georgia who lost her home to fire. The blaze left Rosa Lee Ransby and her seven grand and great-grandchildren without a place to live. After seeing the story on TV, Perry decided to rebuild the home.  A ceremony to turn the keys over to Ransby was held this past Friday. Perry said the big thing for him was to see the woman have enough space for the kids to play.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Anytime you give back to the community is a good thing….I congradulate Mr Perry is setting a good example with his giving…


    TYLER,….you have the heart of GOD, as well as your cast. I pray continued blessings on your professional life as well as your personal life. I can only imagine the faces and the joy you gave to that family by being an AMBASSADOR FOR JESUS CHRIST! Tyler, and MADIA ….(SMILE) we NATIVE AMERICANS are waiting to be in one of your projects,we have so much INDIAN SOUL (HA) 4 sho that the world has not really gave us a shot ,I applied but your web (CASTING) said a picture would get top preference.I am a religious leader, we do not allow our picture taken, I was playing basketball here in my old neighbor hood ,I heard the homeboys say ;she is fine,does that count?All serious we loveyou.mary B.Gayden. phone 754-252-1153

  3. The Black Falcon says:

    I commend Mr. Perry on his charitable givings. I only wish more people, who are financially able, would follow in his foot steps. Especially in these tough economic times.

  4. ANITA says:

    Tyler Perry kept hisword that’s what Iam amazed about and he’s a child of God
    and when he does something and says he gonna do it he goes all out with his whole heart. way to go Tyler Perry very very proud of u:-)

  5. Maria says:

    The feeling you get from giving can never be compared. I have very little yet I give as much as I can because it just feels good like “Sunday Morning!”

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