paris hilton 001 Paris Hilton Checks Into A New Low...
It would seem that Paris Hilton has already worn out her shock factor, but the heiress proves she can sink to lows previously thought out of even her reach…

An author writing a book about stardom encountered Hilton, and was supplied with a quote that summed up her very candid ideas about dating black men. To say Hilton’s response is off color is a huge understatement. Hilton makes one of the most clearly and unmistakably racist comments I’ve heard in years. It may seem ridiculous, but L.A. Times confirms it to be true.

Everyone is entitled to his or her preference, but to go about and spew filth from one’s mouth like this and still retain fame, wealth, and a following is simply mindboggling! Listen to the clip and tell me what you think. You would be best served to sit down before listening if you have a brain…

Comments (2)
  1. Jay lawr says:

    who cares,,, how this news will benefit my life

  2. Sarah says:

    We are concerned about black men and women dating outside the race, so if this thing said she prefers to date her own kind what is wrong with that? She became famous for making a sex tape which seems to be the typical behavior nowadays by these women and men: Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Montana Fishburne etc… What was once private, is now public for the sake of fame and fortune…

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