The Martin Luther King Day “Bomber” Has Been Indicted

There has been an indictment in the case of the man accused of planting a bomb along the planned route of January’s Martin Luther King Day parade in Spokane, Washington. A federal grand jury in Spokane has returned documents charging Kevin Harpham with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and unauthorized possession of an unregistered explosive device. Harpham is due to be arraigned today. Harpham has extensive ties to white supremacist groups. The bomb, hidden in a backpack, was found the morning of the parade and disabled before it could explode.

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  • Sarah

    Why was this man not charged as a terrorist? We have black citizens (Sovereign Citizens) who’s only crime seems to be finding a loop hole in the law to take abondon properties, charged as terrorist, but this man who actually did a terrorist act, is not being charged as a terrorist…This man could have killed thousands of people of color as well as white people if an observant citizen did not notice this back pack…Why was a hate crime enhancement not added to these charges? His targets were people of color and he was/is affiliated to white hate groups…Once again we’re seeing the color of justice being played out in the american judicial system…

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