The Lotto, Lady Luck and Lots of Loot!

An 84-year-old woman was upset she hit the wrong button on a lottery ticket vending machine at an Atlanta grocery store, delivering a different scratch-off game than she wanted to play. That is, until she saw she won $300,000 from the Taxes Paid game. Lottery officials said Tuesday that Bobbie Ware, a former social worker, plans to share her winnings with her family, which includes four children and 10 grandchildren. The grandmother worked at the Georgia Department of Human Resources for 35 years. Ware said the news “still hasn’t sunk in.”

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  • Sarah

    I’m glad for this woman and her family…I’m sure the GA Lottery is glad to have a black face winning this lottery so they will not have to suffer the backlash from the recent overhaul of HOPE, and the potential boycott of the lottery planned by the community…She is still one out of the hundreds of blacks that play and have not won substancial amounts of money…

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